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Isobelle Carmody

Reading Australia 03 June 2015

Isobelle Carmody

Reading Australia 03 June 2015

Isobelle Carmody (1958- ) is an Australian writer of science fiction, fantasy, children's literature, and young adult literature. She began the first book in the Obernewtyn Chronicles when she was fourteen and continued to work on the series while completing a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in literature and philosophy. While she is perhaps best known for the Obernewtyn Chronicles (now comprising six volumes), her novel The Gathering was joint winner of the 1993 Children's Literature Peace Prize and the 1994 CBC Book of the Year Award and her first book in a new series for younger readers, Kingdom of the Lost: The Red Wind was winner of the CBC 2011 – Younger Readers Award. 

Isobelle Carmody (photograph by Cat Sparks)Isobelle Carmody (photograph by Cat Sparks)

Reading Australia

Ruth Starke has written about The Gathering (1993) as part of the Reading Australia Initiative.
Click here to read her essay.

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