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Advertising in Australian Book Review is the perfect way for you to promote your books, festivals, performances, exhibitions, events and other products to our discerning, affluent, arts-loving, book-buying readers.

There has never been a better time to advertise with Australian Book Review. Thanks to our suite of highly regarded prizes and programs, our vibrant events program, our popular new website and elegant online edition, and our themed issues, our profile has never been higher. Our circulation and readership are steadily growing. We estimate ABR’s combined readership to be over 50,000. 

In 2019 our website received over 926,000 page views across 360,000 hits/sessions from almost 250,000 unique users. Visitors to the ABR website stay for an average of 1 minute and 42 seconds at a time.


Media Kit

For rates, specifications, and more about our readers, download the pdfABR Media Kit


Statistics - Print and Online

• Combined print and digital readership: approximately 50,000

• 50,000–70,000 page views per month
30,700+ hits/sessions per month
• 20,000+ unique users per month

• Print frequency: 10 publications per year
• Print publication date: 1st of the month
• Print Booking deadline: 10th of the month prior to publication
• Print Material deadline: 12th of the month prior to publication
• Insert options available on request



New Issue 
• 11,400+ subscribers
• Sent out ten times a year to coincide with publication of the print issue. Contains news, reviews and giveaways
• Two ad spots

Highlights - Book of the Week / From the Archive / Story of the Month
• 11,200+ subscribers
• One ad spot

ABR Arts
• 10,200+ subscribers
• Sent fortnightly to promote new arts reviews, news, and giveaways
• Two ad spots


Social Media

12,500+ likes on Facebook
12,100+ followers on Twitter



For all advertising enquiries, please contact:

Amy Baillieu, Deputy Editor
(03) 9699 8822
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Jack Callil, Assistant Editor
(03) 9699 8822
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Terms and Conditions

Australian Book Review reserves the right to refuse or withdraw from publication any advertising at any time that, in the opinion of Australian Book Review, is illegal, defamatory, offensive, obscene and/or contrary to the business interest, goodwill and/or reputation of Australian Book Review. No responsibility will be taken for delayed publication due to outside factors, such as printing or shipping. Cancellations must be made by the booking date of the month prior to publication; bookings cancelled after this date will be charged the full advertising fee. Payment for bookings is strictly 30 days net, unless otherwise arranged with ABR.