May 2018, issue no. 401

'A welcome moment of pause for those of us who have been at once exhilarated and troubled by the #MeToo campaign.'
Alecia Simmonds reviews 'Rape and Resistance: Understanding the complexities of sexual violation' by Linda Martín Alcoff (free)
Once Again: Outside in the House of Art
Read Kirsten Tranter's 2018 Calibre Prize essay (runner-up) on art, longing, and motherhood [$]
The legend of the Bible
Alan Atkinson reviews The Bible in Australia - A cultural history by Meredith Lake [$]
Battles of wills
Chris Flynn reviews 'Property' by Lionel Shriver (free)
'Some sheltering consensus'
Morag Fraser reviews 'What Are We Doing Here?: Essays' by Marilynne Robinson [$]
Undiminished voice
Shaun Crowe reviews 'On Borrowed Time' by Robert Manne [$]
Open Page with Justine Ettler
An interview with the author of 'The River Ophelia', (Picador, 1995) and 'Bohemia Beach' (Transit Lounge)
Poet of the Month - Pam Brown
ABR interviews poet Pam Brown, author of 'Missing up' (2015) and 'Click here for what we do' (2018) – both from Vagabond Press
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Peter Rose on poetry, memoir and fiction
Peter Rose was interviewed by Nic Brasch for The Garret Podcast

Brigitta Olubas reviews 'Bronwyn Oliver: Strange things' by Hannah Fink

Brigitta Olubas

Almost twelve years after her death, Bronwyn Oliver (1959–2006) remains one of Australia’s best-known sculptors; her artistic legacy supported by the prolific outputs of an intense and More

Joan Fleming reviews 'Domestic Interior' by Fiona Wright and 'The Tiny Museums' by Carolyn Abbs

Joan Fleming

The classic lyric preoccupation with interiority, and how internal life touches and changes the outside world, finds expression in two recent collections of poetry: Fiona Wright’s ...


Morag Fraser reviews 'What Are We Doing Here?: Essays' by Marilynne Robinson

Morag Fraser

At a recent Passover Seder in Melbourne, I caught the word ‘Gilead’. ‘My favourite book!’ exclaimed the woman opposite me. I was a Catholic guest at a gracious Jewish table, so I w More

Lisa Bennett reviews 'A pple and Knife' by Intan Paramaditha, translated by Stephen J. Epstein

Lisa Bennett

There is an observation in the titular story of Indonesian writer Intan Paramaditha’s first collection to be published in English, which can be read as the thematic spine of the book: More

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