January–February 2018, issue no. 398

The 2018 ABR Peter Porter Poetry Prize
ABR is delighted to announce the five shortlisted poets in this year's Prize worth $8,500
'Beautiful, enigmatic, elevated'
Morag Fraser reviews 'The Lady and the Unicorn' (Art Gallery of New South Wales) for ABR Arts
'Deeply familiar and moving' ★★★★1/2
Anwen Crawford reviews 'Lady Bird' (Universal Pictures) for ABR Arts
'the self-amused, morally weightless salute of one hollow showman for another.'
Gideon Haigh reviews 'Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House' (free)
'Wagner and Melbourne Opera Triumph' ★★★★1/2
Barney Zwartz reviews 'Tristan and Isolde' (Melbourne Opera) for ABR Arts.
A 'near pitch-perfect cast' ★★★★
Tali Lavi reviews 'Hir' (Red Stitch Actors' Theatre) for ABR Arts.
'Cold Comfort' ★★★★
Dion Kagan reviews 'Happy End' (Transmission Films) for ABR Arts.
'When a biographer tells her own story, the rules change'
Brenda Niall reviews 'A Life of My Own' by Claire Tomalin [$]
2017 Publisher Picks
To complement our 2017 ‘Books of the Year’, we invited several senior publishers to nominate their favourite books – all published by other companies. (free)
'A wicked pleasure to read'
Susan Wyndham reviews 'The Vanity Fair Diaries: 1983–1992' by Tina Brown [$]
'Clever, amusing, radiant'
Lisa Gorton reviews 'Dunbar' by Edward St Aubyn (free)

Open Page with Chris Masters

Australian Book Review

Why do you write?I figure that with practice I might improve. Even if I don’t, I will persist. If in an entire book there is one sentence that works, I see it as proof of growth. Sometim More

Danielle Clode reviews 'Adventures of a Young Naturalist: The Zoo Quest expeditions' by David Attenborough

Danielle Clode

David Attenborough turned ninety last year. In a short animation celebrating his birthday, two Aardman penguins muse on their first meeting with the famous naturalist. ‘There’s somethi More

Lilit Thwaites reviews 'All My Goodbyes' by Mariana Dimópulos, translated by Alice Whitmore

Lilit Thwaites

Given that the unnamed narrator–protagonist of Mariana Dimópulos’s All My Goodbyes (Cada despedida) has difficulty putting together and understanding her own fractur More

Martin Crotty reviews 'Palestine Diaries: The light horsemen’s own story, battle by battle' by Jonathan King

Martin Crotty

Australia’s role in the war against the Ottoman Empire from 1916 to 1918 is much less widely understood than its contribution to the doomed campaign in the Dardanelles or the muddy slog More

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