August 2018, issue no. 403

Peter Porter Poetry Prize now open
Deadline for our $8,500 prize is 3 December, 2018.
2018 Jolley Prize shortlist
ABR is delighted to announce the shortlist for the 2018 Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize: 'Vasco' by Claire Aman; 'Between the Mountain and the Sea' by Sharmini Aphrodite; and 'Ruins' by Madelaine Lucas.
Conflict in the Early Colony
Alan Atkinson reviews 'The Sydney Wars' by Stephen Gapps
Open Page with Rose Tremain
Our guest for Open Page this issue is author and short story writer Rose Tremain.
Fields of the Past
Marilyn Lake reviews 'Best We Forget' by Peter Cochrane.
Complete our reader survey and win prizes
Please help us to improve the magazine by completing our reader survey. You will be in the running to win one of two five-year subscriptions to ABR Online.
An Open Letter on the ABC
ABR shares many Australians’ concerns about the health and viability of the ABC. The threats are myriad and sustained.
'We Are All MFAs Now!'
Beejay Silcox on the politics and polemics surrounding creative-writing MFAs

Gideon Haigh reviews 'Bullshit Jobs: A theory' by David Graeber

Gideon Haigh

Recently I solicited impressions of his job from the new head of external affairs at a big financial organisation. What had struck him first was the manpower at his disposal. The total hea More

Carolyn Holbrook reviews 'The Battle Within: POWs in postwar Australia' by Christina Twomey

Carolyn Holbrook

The director of the Australian War Memorial, Brendan Nelson, recently announced plans for a $500 million underground expansion of the memorial. In justifying the expenditure, Nelson claime More

'We are all MFAs now!' by Beejay Silcox

Beejay Silcox

‘Creative writing is, in sum, as American as baseball, apple pie and homicide.’

Mark McGurl, The Program Era (2009)

My rejection from the Iowa Writers ... More

Brenda Niall reviews 'Rosie: Scenes from a vanished life' by Rose Tremain

Brenda Niall

‘Write about what you don’t know,’ British novelist Rose Tremain advised young authors. That has been her own strategy during a long and star-studded career. It is quite a stretch fr More

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