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Jack by Marilynne Robinson

To read a novel by Marilynne Robinson is to step into a god-haunted world. Hers is a universe both recognisable and brilliant with strangeness, where glory and mystery abound, where revelation is never finished and souls are argued over with the greatest of gravity. At once mythic in scale and deeply attentive to the textures of this world, Robinson’s novels are full of people for whom notions of grace, redemption, and salvation are not abstractions but aspirations – people who, as Robinson once wrote of herself, look to Galilee for meaning.




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June 2011, no. 332

Michael Holroyd: A Book of Secrets

Grand follies Ian Britain   A Book of Secrets: Illegitimate Daughters, Absent Fathers by Michael Holroyd Chatto & Windus, $46.95 hb, 270 pp, 9780701185343  …

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May 2015, no. 371

Letter from Tehran by Scott McCulloch

‘We are the children of death and it is death that rescues us from the deceptions of life.’Sadeq Hedayat Smoke fills the car as my…

From the Archive

February 2013, no. 348

News from the Editor's Desk

Poetry and ABR ABR is delighted to announce that David McCooey, a celebrated poet and frequent contributor to the magazine, is our new Poetry Editor.…

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