April 2018, issue no. 400

Peter Rose on poetry, memoir and fiction
Peter Rose was interviewed by Nic Brasch for The Garret Podcast
Eyes to the Future
The April 2018 issue is the 400th to appear in ABR's second series. Read Peter Rose's editorial.
'The long now of grieving'
Kerryn Goldsworthy reviews 'The Death of Noah Glass' by Gail Jones in the April 400th issue of ABR
John Kinsella, Judith Beveridge, and Gig Ryan
New poems in the April 400th issue of Australian Book Review
The 400th issue subscriber giveaway
Be in the running to win a stack of beautiful books from The Folio Society
'We Three Hundred' (2018 Calibre Essay Prize winner)
Read Lucas Grainger-Brown's candid and unsentimental account of his time at the Australian Defence Force Academy
'Defying the moment'
Read Beejay Silcox's ABR Fortieth Birthday Fellowship essay on Australian magazine culture
'Over-written, too detailed, and with a narrative regularly interrupted by digressions'
Neal Blewett reviews Kevin Rudd's memoir [$]
Nicholas Wong wins the 2018 Peter Porter Poetry Prize
Hong Kong poet Nicholas Wong has won this year's Porter Prize for his poem '101, Taipei'

Editorial on ABR's 400th issue by Peter Rose

Peter Rose

A cynic once remarked that an editor needs two things: good grammar and a long memory. But we all know there’s a bit more to it than that. As we prepare to send the April issue to press More

Sarah Holland-Batt reviews 'Feel Free: Essays' by Zadie Smith

Sarah Holland-Batt

‘When I was younger even the appearance of “I” on the page made me feel a bit ill,’ Zadie Smith confesses in her new book of essays, Feel Free. Shades of this chariness ab More

Johanna Leggatt reviews 'The Mother of all Questions: Further feminisms' by Rebecca Solnit

Johanna Leggatt

So much has been written about male–female power dynamics, Trump’s grotesqueries, the public outing of protected abusers, and the growing chorus of women speaking out about sexual hara More

Ashley Hay reviews 'In the Garden of the Fugitives' by Ceridwen Dovey

Ashley Hay

I was never brave enough to visit Pompeii, partly due to an overactive imagination that combined a sense of the ferocity of Vesuvius’s blast in 79 CE and the volcano’s ongoing mutterin More

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