April 2019, issue no. 410

Hypocrisy in the Vatican
Frédéric Martel's new book In the Closet of the Vatican
MAFS and misogyny
Alecia Simmonds on Married At First Sight
A Season on Earth by Gerald Murnane
Paul Giles on the author's revised second novel
Whiteshift by Eric Kaufmann
A look at the future of white majorities
Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith
Francesca Sasnaitis reviews Goldsmith's latest fiction
Capturing Nature by Vanessa Finney
A new book on early scientific animal photography

Welcome to the April issue of ABR!
Highlights include:

Hypocrisy in the Vatican
Barney Zwartz on Frédéric Martel's In the Closet of the Vatican

Alecia Simmonds on Married at First Sight
A look at reality television's misogyny and malice

Gerald Murnane's A Season on Earth
Paul Giles on the author's revised second novel

Andrea Goldsmith's Invented Lives
Francesca Sasnaitis on the author's new fiction

Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill
Sheila Fitzpatrick on The Kremlin Letters

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More from the current issue

Lewis Rosenberg reviews Walter Kaufmann: Philosopher, humanist, heretic by Stanley Corngold

Lewis Rosenberg

My favourite image from Stanley Corngold’s Walter Kaufmann: Philosopher, humanist, heretic is set in Berlin as World War II concludes. Young Walter Kaufmann, a German Jew forced to flee the National Socialist regime to the United States, has returned to his native land as part of the occupying forces ...

Meredith Curnow is Publisher of the Month

Australian Book Review

ABR: What kinds of books do you enjoy reading?

Anything that takes me out of my world: into a quiet space (I have just started The Friend by Sigrid Nunez), or somewhere big and noisy that I could never possibly experience myself ...

Simon Tormey reviews Whiteshift: Populism, immigration, and the future of white majorities by Eric Kaufmann

Simon Tormey

In the wake of the unexpected Brexit and Trump votes in 2016, academics and commentators have been scratching their heads trying to work out what these extraordinary events represent. The dominant narrative is that in the wake of recession and financial crisis, those doing it tough have punished the political élites ...

Ian Dickson reviews Dramatic Exchanges: The lives and letters of the National Theatre edited by Daniel Rosenthal

Ian Dickson

What exactly is a National Theatre for? What is its purpose? What form should it take? National theatres come in many configurations. There is the four-hundred-year-old Comédie-Française serenely presiding over French culture from the Salle Richelieu. The Habima Theatre of Israel ...

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