August 2017, issue no. 393

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Ryan Cropp reviews 'Donald Horne: Selected writings' edited by Nick Horne

Ryan Cropp

The American novelist Richard Yates once remarked to an interviewer that he had the misfortune of having written his best book first. He might have found an ally in Donald Horne, whose fir More

Publisher of the Month with Louise Adler

Australian Book Review

What was your pathway to publishing? As an English and Comparative Literature graduate whose childhood had been circumscribed by chronic asthma and excessive reading of Enid Blyton stories More

'Little Fly' by Fay Zwicky

Fay Zwicky

My Mužka (‘little fly’ in Czech)
Goes softly but she goeth sure.
She stumbles not as larger creatures do,
Her journey’s shorter so she may endure
More puissant than do those who further go.< More

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