September 2017, issue no. 394

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'The same-sex marriage debate' by Peter Rose

Peter Rose

For decades, centuries, millennia, homosexuals (here as elsewhere) have been insulted, blackmailed, beaten, incarcerated, and murdered. Even now homosexuality remains one of the principal More

Josephine Taylor reviews 'The Gulf' by Anna Spargo-Ryan

Josephine Taylor

Shortly after her son, Luke, was murdered by his father, Rosie Batty spoke of the non-discriminatory nature of family violence: ‘No matter how nice your house is, how intelligent you are ... More

Fiona Wright reviews 'Common People' by Tony Birch

Fiona Wright

The characters who populate Tony Birch’s Common People are striking not so much because they are the ordinary people, the commonplace or everyday people that the title would sug ... More

Nick Haslam reviews 'The Secret Life of The Mind: How our brain thinks, feels, and decides' by Mariano Sigman

Nick Haslam

Along time ago in a university far, far away, I received an application for graduate study in psychology. The applicant claimed to have no particular orientation to the field, just a broad ... More

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