June-July 2017, issue no. 392

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Letter from Paris

Phoebe Weston-Evans

Springtime allows Parisians to indulge their predilection for life en terrasse. Trees and gardens are blooming, neighbourhood markets and squares are coming alive, and the newly pedestrian ... More

David McInnis reviews 'Shakespeare’s cinema of love: A study in genre and influence' by R.S. White

David McInnis

Does William Shakespeare still matter? The question was posed frequently throughout 2016, the quatercentenary of his death. Those sceptical of Shakespeare’s enduring relevance faced the ... More

Dilan Gunawardana reviews 'Such a Lovely Little War: Saigon 1961-63' by Marcelino Truong, translated by David Homel

Dilan Gunawardana

For those seeking a concise illustrative history of the Vietnam War, Marcelino Truong’s graphic novel, Such a Lovely Little War, is the ideal place to begin. Those seeking a gra ... More

Crusader Hillis reviews 'Finding Nevo' by Nevo Zisin

Crusader Hillis

‘Coming out’ stories remain one of the most potent sources for young people to understand their own relationship to sex, gender, and sexuality. Living in a largely heteronormative society, many young people find a ... More

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