June-July 2017, issue no. 392

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Publisher of the Month with Henry Rosenbloom

Australian Book Review

What was your pathway to publishing? I had been a writer and editor at school and university, I’d worked in the Whitlam government, I’d been a freelance journalist, and I was intereste More

Robin Gerster reviews 'Việt Nam: A History from earliest times to the present' by Ben Kiernan

Robin Gerster

‘Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam, we’ve all been there.’ The American reporter Michael Herr thus concluded his celebrated work Dispatches (1977), confident that his readers understo ... More

Miriam Cosic reviews 'A Perfidious Distortion of History: The Versailles Peace Treaty and the success of the Nazis' by Jürgen Tampke

Miriam Cosic

It has been widely accepted that the harshness of the Treaty of Versailles led directly to the rise of National Socialism in Germany and to the horrors of World War II. The punitive effect ... More

Kevin Rabalais reviews 'Between Them: Remembering my parents' by Richard Ford

Kevin Rabalais

'Our parents intimately link us, closeted as we are in our lives, to a thing we’re not, forging a joined separateness and a useful mystery, so that even together with them we are also al ... More

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