May 2017, issue no. 391

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Nicole Abadee reviews 'Woolloomooloo: A biography' by Louis Nowra

Nicole Abadee

In his most recent book, Woolloomooloo: A biography, author and playwright Louis Nowra sets out to discover why the word ‘Woolloomooloo’ is still ‘a shorthand for notoriety More

Andrew Fuhrmann reviews 'The Legacies of Bernard Smith: Essays on Australian Art, history and cultural politics' edited by Jaynie Anderson, Christopher R. Marshall, and Andrew Yip

Andrew Fuhrmann

A persistent fascination attaches to those who help break the new wood, and so it is with Bernard Smith (1916–2011). His contribution is foundational to the study of the arts in Australi ... More

Anna Spargo-Ryan reviews 'Jean Harley Was Here' by Heather Taylor Johnson

Anna Spargo-Ryan

There is much to like about a well-executed set of short stories, and this is true of Jean Harley Was Here. While the book presents itself as a novel, it has more in common with Elizabeth More

'I was the greatest art potter' by Christopher DeWeese

Christopher DeWeese

I was the greatest art potter
but only I knew it,
photographing myself holding signs that read
Unequalled, Unrivalled, and Undisputed

... More

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