June–July 2018, issue no. 402

The 2018 ABR Film Survey
To celebrate ABR’s June–July Film and Television issue, we invited a number of writers, film critics, and film professionals to nominate their favourite film. (free)
'The Drama of it'
James McNamara on television comedy's new aesthetic. (free)
The Update - June 5, 2018
News, reviews, and giveaways from ABR Arts
Witch-hunt or great awakening?
Felicity Chaplin on tensions surrounding the #MeToo movement. (free)
Alecia Simmonds reviews 'Rape and Resistance: Understanding the complexities of sexual violation' by Linda Martín Alcoff. [$]
'Films of the finest metal'
Peter Goldsworthy reviews 'Hitler and Film: The Führer’s hidden passion' by Bill Niven. [$]
'The Brodie Set'
Sally Grant revisits Muriel Spark’s 1961 novel 'The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie' and its 1969 film adaptation starring a young Maggie Smith. [$]
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'Witch-hunt or a great awakening?: Tensions surrounding the #MeToo movement' by Felicity Chaplin

Felicity Chaplin

Earlier this year, following the infamous Barnaby Joyce affair, Malcolm Turnbull called for a rethink of the parliamentary code of conduct to ensure this ‘shocking error of judgement’ More

Nick Haslam reviews 'The Lost Boys: Inside Muzafer Sherif’s Robbers Cave experiment' by Gina Perry

Nick Haslam

Social psychology has a few iconic experiments that have entered public consciousness. There is the shaken but obliging participant who delivers potentially lethal electric shocks to anoth More

Paul Giles reviews 'Love and Lament: An essay on the arts in Australia in the twentieth century' by Margaret Plant

Paul Giles

Love and Lament offers a bracingly revisionist and upbeat account of how the arts flourished across a broad cultural spectrum in Australia over the course of the twentieth century More

Susan Sheridan reviews 'Do Oysters Get Bored?: A curious life' by Rozanna Lilley

Susan Sheridan

At the centre of this book is Oscar, the son of Rozanna Lilley and her husband, Neil Maclean, and Oscar’s particular way of encountering the world. Unpredictably (by most people’s stan More

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