August 2017, issue no. 393

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Ceridwen Spark reviews 'Anaesthesia: The gift of oblivion and the mystery of consciousness' by Kate Cole-Adams

Ceridwen Spark

In 2009, pop star Michael Jackson, desperate to sleep, called his personal physician, Conrad Murray. To relieve the troubled star, Murray administered Propofol and anti-anxiety medications More

Ryan Cropp reviews 'Donald Horne: Selected writings' edited by Nick Horne

Ryan Cropp

The American novelist Richard Yates once remarked to an interviewer that he had the misfortune of having written his best book first. He might have found an ally in Donald Horne, whose fir More

Simon Tormey reviews ‘Adults in the room: My battle with Europe’s deep establishment’ by Yanis Varoufakis

Simon Tormey

The blurb on the back of the book describes Varoufakis as ‘the most interesting man in the world’. It is a wonderful epithet and might even be true considering the interest that Varouf More

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