April 2019, issue no. 410

Hypocrisy in the Vatican
Frédéric Martel's new book In the Closet of the Vatican
MAFS and misogyny
Alecia Simmonds on Married At First Sight
A Season on Earth by Gerald Murnane
Paul Giles on the author's revised second novel
Whiteshift by Eric Kaufmann
A look at the future of white majorities
Invented Lives by Andrea Goldsmith
Francesca Sasnaitis reviews Goldsmith's latest fiction
Capturing Nature by Vanessa Finney
A new book on early scientific animal photography

Welcome to the April issue of ABR!
Highlights include:

Hypocrisy in the Vatican
Barney Zwartz on Frédéric Martel's In the Closet of the Vatican

Alecia Simmonds on Married at First Sight
A look at reality television's misogyny and malice

Gerald Murnane's A Season on Earth
Paul Giles on the author's revised second novel

Andrea Goldsmith's Invented Lives
Francesca Sasnaitis on the author's new fiction

Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill
Sheila Fitzpatrick on The Kremlin Letters

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More from the current issue

Glyn Davis reviews Prime Movers: From Pericles to Gandhi by Ferdinand Mount

Glyn Davis

Describe the twelve most influential thinkers who shaped Western political traditions. Chaos must ensue. Your list will be outrageous, but mine also. Consider whom you leave off the roll-call. Just one woman. No one from Africa or Asia. Only Jesus to represent millennia of Jewish thought ... 

Josh Specht reviews A People’s History of Computing in the United States by Joy Lisi Rankin

Joshua Specht

According to most accounts, the history of computing is a triumph of enterprise. This story starts in the 1950s and 1960s with commercial mainframe computers that, one stack of punch-cards at a time, assumed business tasks ranging from managing airline reservations to calculating betting odds ...

Andrew Broertjes reviews Political Troglodytes and Economic Lunatics by Dominic Kelly and Rise of the Right by Greg Barns

Andrew Broertjes

In the last four decades, a shift has occurred away from the post-World War II consensus around the role of the state. Conservative parties dominated by neo-liberal agendas have surged, assisted by the abandonment of progressive politics by centre-left parties such as Labour in the United Kingdom, the Democrats in the United States ...

Joan Fleming reviews Short Poems of New Zealand edited by Jenny Bornholdt

Joan Fleming

A new anthology of bite-sized New Zealand poems is freshly out from Victoria University Press. VUP is the Wellington-based publisher closely associated with the University’s renowned creative writing school, known affectionately (or pejoratively, depending on your affiliation) as ‘The Bill Manhire School’ ...

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