Darius Sepehri reviews The Shahnameh: The Persian epic as world literature by Hamid Dabashi

Darius Sepehri
22 April 2019

Not many peoples are able to read poems in their language written one thousand years ago, as Persian speakers in Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan do today with Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh< More

Judith Bishop reviews Crow College: New and selected poems by Emma Lew

Judith Bishop
15 April 2019

Original voices are always slippery to describe. The familiar weighing mechanism More

Joan Fleming reviews Short Poems of New Zealand edited by Jenny Bornholdt

Joan Fleming
25 March 2019

A new anthology of bite-sized New Zealand poems is freshly out from Victoria University Press. VUP is the Wellington-based publisher closely associated with the University’s renowned cre More

Jen Webb reviews Blakwork by Alison Whittaker and Walking with Camels: The story of Bertha Strehlow by Leni Shilton

Jen Webb
25 March 2019

Alison Whittaker’s début collection, Lemons in the Chicken Wire (2015), introduced a genuinely new voice to Australian poetry: that of a Gomeroi woman, a Fulbright scholar, and More

Geoff Page reviews Green Shadows and Other Poems by Gerald Murnane

Geoff Page
25 February 2019

There has been a long and often troubled history of poets writing novels and novelists writing poetry. The skills needed are very different and equally hard to learn. Few writers have made More

Jennifer Strauss reviews The Feather Boy & Other Poems by Judith Rodriguez

Jennifer Strauss
25 February 2019

Judith Rodriguez, who died in November 2018, was a champion of other people’s causes: the right to be heard, the right to freedom from persecution, the right to refuge when such freedom More

John Hawke reviews 'Feeding the Ghost 1: Criticism on contemporary Australian poetry' edited by Andy Kissane, David Musgrave, and Carolyn Rickett

John Hawke
20 December 2018

Perhaps the most encouraging sign in this Puncher & Wattmann collection of critical essays on contemporary Australian poets is the prominent ‘1’ on its front cover, promising that More

Bernard Cohen reviews 'horse' by Ania Walwicz

Bernard Cohen
18 December 2018

Virtuosic performance text, palimpsest of a nineteenth-century Russian folktale, and a merciless and often very funny sectioning of the self, Ania Walwicz’s horse enacts what it More

Amy Lin reviews 'White on White' by Anne Elvey and 'The Sky Runs Right Through Us' by Reneé Pettitt-Schipp

Amy Lin
28 November 2018

Anne Elvey’s White on White and Reneé Pettitt-Schipp’s The Sky Runs Right Through Us both offer ideas of unsettlement in contemporary Australia; Elvey’s is the uns More

Stephanie Triggs reviews 'Wild Surmise' by Dorothy Porter

Stephanie Trigg
27 November 2018

Dorothy Porter’s new verse novel, Wild Surmise, takes an almost classic form. The verse novel is now well-established as a modern genre, and Porter has stamped a distinctive sig More

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