Current Patrons

Nicola Wass

‘I am very happy to make an annual donation to Australian Book Review, and not just because I think supporting arts and culture is important. I have been led down many pleasurable reading pathways that I would not have otherwise found, often thanks to a passing reference by a reviewer.’

 Nicola Wass, ABR Patron since 2016


Australian Book Review gratefully acknowledges the support and generosity of its Patrons:

Acmeist ($75,000 or more)

Mr Ian Dickson

Olympian ($50,000 to $74,999)


Augustan ($25,000 to $49,999)

Ms Anita Apsitis and Mr Graham Anderson
Ms Morag Fraser AM
Mr Colin Golvan QC
Ms Ellen Koshland
Mrs Maria Myers AC
Mr Kim Williams AM

Imagist ($15,000 to $24,999)

Dr Steve and Mrs TJ Christie
Dr Joyce Kirk
Mr Peter and Ms Mary-Ruth McLennan

Vorticist ($10,000 to $14,999)

Mrs Helen Brack
Emeritus Professor David Carment AM
Professor Ian Donaldson and Dr Grazia Gunn
Ms Ruth and Mr Ralph Renard
Mr Peter Rose and Mr Christopher Menz
Anonymous (1)

Futurist ($5,000 to $9,999)

Mr Peter Allan
Hon. Justice Kevin Bell and Mrs Tricia Byrnes
Dr Bernadette Brennan
Dr Geoffrey Cains
Professor Glyn Davis AC and Professor Margaret Gardner AO
Ms Marion Dixon
Mr Ian Hicks AM
Dr Alastair Jackson
Mrs Pauline Menz
Mr Allan Murray-Jones
Professor Colin and Ms Carol Nettelbeck
Estate of Dorothy Porter
Lady Potter AC
Mr David Poulton
Mr John Scully
Mr Stephen Shelmerdine AM and Mrs Kate Shelmerdine
Ms Ruth Wisniac OAM and Dr John Miller AO
Anonymous (1)

Modernist ($2,500 to $4,999)

Ms Gillian Appleton (in memory of John Button)
Ms Kate Baillieu
Mr Des Cowley
Emeritus Professor Anne Edwards AO
Professor The Hon. Gareth Evans AC QC
Helen Garner
Dr Gavan Griffith AO QC
Ms Cathrine Harboe-Ree
Professor Margaret Harris
The Hon. Peter Heerey AM QC
Ms Elisabeth Holdsworth
Mr Neil Kaplan CBE QC and Ms Su Lesser
Mr Geoffrey Lehmann and Ms Gail Pearson
Dr Susan Lever
Mr Don Meadows
Mr Stephen Newton AO
Professor John Rickard
Ilana and Ray Snyder
Professor Andrew Taylor AM
Dr Mark Triffitt
Mr Noel Turnbull
Ms Mary Vallentine AO
Ms Jacki Weaver AO
Anonymous (6)

Romantic ($1,000 to $2,499)

Mr Peter and Mrs Sarah Acton
Mr David and Mrs Sally Airey
Professor Dennis Altman AM
Helen Angus
Bardas Foundation
Mr Brian Bourke
Mr John H. Bowring
Professor Jan Carter AM
Mr John Collins
Mr Des Cowley
Ms Donna Curran and Mr Patrick McCaughey
Mr Hugh Dillon
Sue Ebury
The Leo and Mina Fink Fund
Professor Sheila Fitzpatrick
Mr Reuben Goldsworthy
Dr Joan Grant
Professor Tom Griffiths AO
Ms Mary Hoban
Dr John Holt (1931–2013)
Ms Claudia Hyles
Dr Barbara Kamler
Dr Stephen McNamara
Professor Stuart Macintyre AO
Mr Alex and Ms Stephanie Miller
Dr Ann Moyal AM
Ms Susan Nathan
Ms Angela Nordlinger
Ms Jillian Pappas
Professor Ros Pesman AM
Margaret Plant
Dr Trish Richardson and Mr Andy Lloyd James
Dr Della Rowley (in memory of Hazel Rowley, 1951-2011)
Ms Gillian Rubinstein (Lian Hearn)
Dr John Seymour and Dr Heather Munro AO
Mr Michael Shmith
Dr Jennifer Strauss AM
Dr John Thompson
Ms Lisa Turner
Dr Barbara Wall
Ms Nicola Wass
Emeritus Professor Elizabeth Webby AM
Professor Terri-ann White
Mrs Ursula Whiteside
Mrs Lyn Williams AM
Anonymous (8)

Symbolist ($500 to $999)

Ms Michelle Cahill
Mr Joel Deane
David Harper AM
Estate of Martin Harrison
Dr Barbara Kamler
Professor Ian Lowe AO
Ms Patricia Nethery
Mr M.D. de B. Collins Persse MVO
Mr Mark Powell
Professor John Poynter AO OBE
Robert Sessions AM
Professor Janna Thompson
Dr Ailsa Zainu'ddin
Anonymous (5)

Realist ($250 to $499)

Ms Nicole Abadee
Ms Jan Aitken
Mr Douglas Batten
Ms Jean Dunn
Dr Anna Goldsworthy
Ms Anne Grindrod
Mr Michael Macgeorge
Ms Muriel Mathers
Ms Diana O'Neil
Mr J.W. de B. Persse
Mr Mark Rubbo OAM
Ms Helen Thompson
Ms Natalie Warren
Anonymous (5)

Perpetual Patron

The Hon. John Button (1932–2008)

Corporate Patron

Arnold Bloch Leibler