ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize

The 2022 ABR Elizabeth Jolley Prize is worth $12,500. Entries closed on  2 May 2022 and judging is currently underway.

The Australian Book Review Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize is one of Australia's leading prizes for an original short story. It honours the work of the great Australian writer Elizabeth Jolley (1923–2007).

Maria Takolander won the inaugural Australian Book Review Short Story Competition in 2010. In 2011 the prize was renamed the ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize. Jolley Prize winners include Carrie Tiffany and Gregory Day (2011), Sue Hurley (2012), Michelle Michau-Crawford (2013), and Jennifer Down (2014). In 2015 UK-based writer Rob Magnuson Smith became the first international winner of the Jolley Prize. Josephine Rowe won the 2016 Jolley Prize, Canadian author Eliza Robertson won the 2017 Jolley Prize, and New York-based Australian writer Madelaine Lucas won the 2018 Jolley Prize. Sonja Dechian won the 2019 Jolley Prize and Mykaela Saunders won the 2020 Jolley Prize.  

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ABR gratefully acknowledges the support of Ian Dickson.

'To win the Jolley Prize is a surreal and wonderful feeling. At this stage of my writing life, when I am working on my first book, to receive this vote of confidence from such a respected literary establishment as Australian Book Review is incredibly meaningful. Most of all, this encouragement has given me new motivation to focus on my work and continue down this path.'

Madelaine Lucas, 2018 winner

‘My very first publication came from a magazine contest, so I know first hand the opportunities they provide to new writers. I am incredibly grateful to ABR and the judges for choosing my story and helping me to connect with Australian readers.’
Eliza Robertson (Canada), 2017 winner

Winning the Jolley Prize after being overseas for several years was an immensely bolstering welcome back – all the more so for the honour it pays to one of the most influential and tenacious forces in Australian literature.’
Josephine Rowe, 2016 winner

'I am thrilled to be this year's winner of the ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize. This important prize encourages all international writers of fiction who want their work to be judged as it should be – on its own merits and strictly anonymously. I am very grateful to Australian Book Review and the judges.'
Rob Magnuson Smith (UK), 2015  Winner

'To win the ABR Elizabeth Jolley Short Story Prize is a delicious honour.'
Gregory Day,  2011 joint winner