Indigenous Studies

Bruce Moore reviews Australia’s Original Languages: An introduction by R.M.W. Dixon

Bruce Moore
22 July 2019

Bob Dixon has researched Australian Indigenous languages since the 1960s, has constructed grammars of five languages, and has written numerous scholarly books and articles on Aboriginal la More

'So much at stake: Forging a treaty with authority and respect' by Sarah Maddison and Dale Wandin

Sarah Maddison and Dale Wandin
22 July 2019

Australia remains alone among the settler colonies for its lack of treaties with First Nations. This is despite the fact that Abori More

Richard J. Martin reviews '"Against Native Title": Conflict and Creativity in Outback Australia' by Eve Vincent and 'Crosscurrents: Law and society in a native title claim to land and sea' by Katie Glaskin

Richard J. Martin
24 April 2018

The year 2017 marked the twenty- fifth anniversary of the High Court’s 1992 decision in Mabo v Queensland (No 2) (Mabo), which recognised the existence of Indi More

Kim Mahood reviews 'Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering ancient Australia' by Billy Griffiths

Kim Mahood
22 March 2018

In Deep Time Dreaming: Uncovering ancient Australia, Billy Griffiths describes the process of imagining the past through the traces and sediments of archaeology as ‘an act of wo More

Philip Jones reviews 'Indigenous and Other Australians since 1901' by Tim Rowse

Philip Jones
21 February 2018

To the layperson, the shifts and variations in government policy and its effects on Aboriginal lives can be bewildering, even during the past decade. Tim Rowse has done a great service by More

Amanda Nettelbeck reviews 'The Good Country: The Djadja Wurrung, the settlers and the protectors' by Bain Attwood

Amanda Nettelbeck
24 November 2017

The Good Country begins in February 1840 with a cross-cultural encounter in Djadja Wurrung country, now central Victoria. Two Protectors of Aborigines, recently appointed to More

Alan Atkinson reviews 'Hidden in Plain View: The Aboriginal people of coastal Sydney' by Paul Irish

Alan Atkinson
23 July 2017

Nothing has done more to add to the ingenuity of Australian history writing than the study of Indigenous experience. This book, which concentrates on people living in Sydney and its immedi More

Kevin Bell reviews 'The Land is our History: Indigeneity, law, and the settler state' by Miranda Johnson

Kevin Bell
28 April 2017

Australia’s national identity is as complex as the people who make up the nation and the historical forces by which it was made. Our Indigenous peoples, whose unique histories precede th More

Billy Griffiths reviews 'Rattling Spears: A history of indigenous Australian' art by Ian McLean

Billy Griffiths
28 October 2016

This beautifully illustrated book explores the ways in which Indigenous Australians have responded to invasion through art. ‘Where colonists saw a gulf,’ writes art historian Ian ...More

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