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Helen Garner

Reading Australia 24 March 2015

Helen Garner

Reading Australia 24 March 2015

Helen Garner (1942–) is an Australian novelist and non-fiction writer. Garner’s first novel, Monkey Grip, was published in 1977 and was adapted for film in 1981. Since then she has written many works of fiction, including The Children’s Bach (1984), Cosmo Cosmolino (1992), and The Spare Room (2008), as well as non-fiction, including The First Stone (1995), Joe Cinque’s Consolation (2004), and most recently The House of Grief (2014). She has won numerous literary awards and in 2006 she won the inaugural Melbourne Prize for Literature.

Helen GarnerHelen Garner

Reading Australia

Bernadette Brennan has written about The Children's Bach (1984) as part of the Reading Australia initiative. Click here to read her essay.

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