Adrian Walsh reviews How Fear Works: Culture of fear in the twenty-first century by Frank Furedi

Adrian Walsh
24 June 2019

Fear has always been a dominant element of human existence, across all human societies, but has our attitude to it changed? It migh More

Zora Simic #MeToo: Stories from the Australian movement edited by Natalie Kon-yu et al.

Zora Simic
23 May 2019

How do we get the measure of the phenomenon that is #MeToo? Both deeply personal and profoundly structural, #MeToo has been described as a movement, a moment, and a reckoning. Some critics More

Tom Bamforth reviews Breaking Point: The future of Australian cities by Peter Seamer

Tom Bamforth
22 April 2019

In Breaking Point: The future of Australian cities, Peter Seamer quotes satirist H.L. Mencken: ‘There is always an easy solution to every human problem – neat, plausible, and More

David Rolph reviews The Coddling of the American Mind by Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt

David Rolph
22 April 2019

In 1987, Allan Bloom published his best-selling book, The Closing of the American Mind. The American mind must have remained sufficiently open to allow it, three decades hence, to More

Ceridwen Spark reviews The Tyranny of Opinion: Conformity and the future of liberalism by Russell Blackford

Ceridwen Spark
11 January 2019

Recently I was speaking with a friend about the impact of the #MeToo movement on gender politics and the implications for male academics. He suggested that there are only two speaking posi More

'Witch-hunt or a great awakening?: Tensions surrounding the #MeToo movement' by Felicity Chaplin

Felicity Chaplin
25 May 2018

Earlier this year, following the infamous Barnaby Joyce affair, Malcolm Turnbull called for a rethink of the parliamentary code of conduct to ensure this ‘shocking error of judgement’ More

Alecia Simmonds reviews 'Rape and Resistance: Understanding the complexities of sexual violation' by Linda Martín Alcoff

Alecia Simmonds
11 May 2018

Linda Martín Alcoff ends her book Rape and Resistance with the question of love, as it has been explored in the fiction of Dominican- American writer Junot Díaz. There are no ea More

Marama Whyte reviews 'The face that launched a thousand lawsuits: The American women who forged a right to privacy' by Jessica Lake

Marama Whyte
13 April 2018

Privacy is having its moment. Google users have unknowingly permitted the corporation to track their every movement and record every web search, YouTube video watched, and more. Facebook a More

John Arnold reviews 'The People’s Force: A History of Victoria Police' by Robert Haldane

John Arnold
03 April 2018

Australians tend to have an ambivalent attitude to their respective police forces. We automat- ically expect that they will be there in an emergency. We share their grief when one of their More

Alex Tighe reviews 'Tinkering: Australians reinvent DIY culture' by Katherine Wilson

Alex Tighe
27 December 2017

What is tinkering? As Katherine Wilson makes clear in Tinkering: Australians reinvent DIY culture, there is an easy answer to that question – but also several complex ones. At t More

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