Helena Kadmos 'The Valley' by Steve Hawke

Helena Kadmos
01 November 2018

The discovery of human bones is an intriguing narrative opening that rarely disappoints and seems an adaptable vehicle for the Australian gothic and representations of the impacts of colon More

Nicole Abadee reviews 'Unsheltered' by Barbara Kingsolver

Nicole Abadee
01 November 2018

American novelist Barbara Kingsolver is renowned for her ability to infuse her fiction with her politics, in particular a passionate concern for nature and the environment. Prodigal Su More

David Whish-Wilson reviews 'The Making of Martin Sparrow' by Peter Cochrane

David Whish-Wilson
26 October 2018

Just one thing can shape your whole life’ is one line in a novel of four hundred and fifty pages, but it is telling in its application toward the characters of this brilliant début nove More

Alice Whitmore reviews 'Melodrome' by Marcelo Cohen

Alice Whitmore
26 October 2018

‘I didn’t realise I was becoming untranslatable,’ Marcelo Cohen confessed after the publication of his eleventh novel, in an interview with Argentine newspaper Clarín. ‘A More

Alice Nelson reviews 'Matryoshka' by Katherine Johnson

Alice Nelson
25 October 2018

Half a century ago, the Palestinian writer Edward Said described the state of exile as ‘the unhealable rift forced between a human being and a native place, between the self and its true More

Anthony Lynch reviews 'When I Saw the Animal' by Bernard Cohen

Anthony Lynch
25 October 2018

As a boy, I watched with fascination an early sci-fi horror film, The Blob. After a meteorite lands in Pennsylvania, a small, gelatinous blob emerges from the crater. Starting wit More

Susan Wyndham reviews 'Shell' by Kristina Olsson

Susan Wyndham
25 October 2018

The story of the Sydney Opera House is usually told as the heroic tragedy of its Danish architect, Jørn Utzon, who won the design competition for his breathtaking cluster of white sails b More

Brenda Niall reviews 'Upstate' by James Wood

Brenda Niall
25 October 2018

Forget the author – it’s the book that matters. That’s sound advice, but there are times when it is hard to follow. James Wood’s Upstate is a testing case. A quietly refle More

Margaret Robson Kett reviews four recent Young Adults novels

Margaret Robson Kett
26 September 2018
Friendship can be a powerful force for change in a young adult’s life. These four new books explore the full gamut of the unlikely, advantageous, and destructive consequences of relationshi More

Jay Daniel Thompson reviews 'The Yellow House' by Emily O’Grady

Jay Daniel Thompson
26 September 2018

Cub lives next door to the yellow house. The girl also lives in the shadow of her grandfather, Les, who once owned that property, and who died years ago, after doing ‘ugly things’ to women. Indeed, Les’s crimes More

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