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Andrew Broertjes reviews 'How To Hide An Empire: A short history of the greater United States' by Daniel Immerwahr

Andrew Broertjes

On 7 December 1941, Japan bombed the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. The following day, President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared that it was a date that would ‘live in infamy’. Those who heard his radio broadcast knew that the United States would be drawn into the war that had engulfed Europe and the Middle East ...

Bruce Moore reviews 'The Dictionary Wars: The American fight over the English language' by Peter Martin

Bruce Moore

The title of this book refers to the battle for market dominance between the editors and publishers of two rival dictionaries, the one edited by Noah Webster and the other by Joseph Worcester. This battle took place largely between 1829 and 1864, and it was played out in the newspapers and by means of pamphlet warfare ...

Noel Turnbull reviews 'Winning for Women: A personal story' by Iola Mathews

Noel Turnbull

Life and times memoirs are often lives leavened with some tangential nods to times. In Iola Mathews’s book Winning for Women: A personal story, a notable career is inextricably linked with the remarkable times she did much to shape.

It is the story ...

Margaret Robson Kett reviews 'Storytime: Growing up with books' by Jane Sullivan

Margaret Robson Kett

Maryanne Wolf’s excellent book about the reading brain, Proust and the Squid: The story and the science of the reading brain (2007), quotes Marcel himself ...

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