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Highlights include:

  • Beejay Silcox new essay, 'We are all MFAs now!'
  • Gideon Haigh on Bullshit Jobs by David Graeber
  • Barnaby Smith reviews On Patrick White by Christos Tsiolkas
  • Mark Baker reviews In Search of Israel: The history of an idea by Michael Brenner
  • Ryan O'Neill is our Open Page guest

ABR Online Exclusives

Marguerite Johnson reviews 'The Odyssey' translated by Emily Wilson and 'The Iliad' translated by Peter Green

Marguerite Johnson

For as long as I have studied Classics, first as a high-school student, later as an undergraduate and PhD student, and now as a professor, I have carried Homer’s poems close to me. The < More

Peter Tregear reviews 'National Identity in Contemporary Australian Opera' by Michael Halliwell

Peter Tregear

Just as we are unlikely today to think of South Wales when in New South Wales, nor does the existence of the Sydney Opera House does not of itself draw our collective attention towards opera. It is a structure more to More

Josh Specht reviews 'The Indian World of George Washington' by Colin G. Calloway

Joshua Specht

As a young man, George Washington (1732–99) worked as a surveyor. Looking at a landscape, he could plan its division into orderly tracts. These skills would prove useful when he became t More

Helena Kadmos 'The Valley' by Steve Hawke

Helena Kadmos

The discovery of human bones is an intriguing narrative opening that rarely disappoints and seems an adaptable vehicle for the Australian gothic and representations of the impacts of colon More

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