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Stephen A. Russell reviews 'Yes Yes Yes: Australia’s journey to marriage equality' by Alex Greenwich and Shirleene Robinson and 'Going Postal: More than ‘yes’ or ‘no’, one year on' edited by Quinn Eades and Son Vivienne

Stephen Russell

Glitter canons erupted at colourful gatherings across the country on 15 November 2017 as the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 61.6 per cent of participants had voted yes in the marriage equality plebiscite. Yes Yes Yes: Australia’s journey to marriage equality, published on the anniversary of that historic day ...

Trevor Burnard reviews 'Freedom in White and Black: A lost story of the illegal slave trade and its global legacy' by Emma Christopher

Trevor Burnard

Because the settlement of Australia by the British proceeded in a certain way, we tend to forget how unusual it was in 1788 to start a colony without slavery. The year 1788 saw the first major manifestation of the abolitionist movement, which had a massive success by 1807 when the Atlantic slave trade was abolished. ...

Stephen Mills reviews 'Handbook of Political Party Funding' edited by Jonathan Mendilow and Eric Phélippeau

Stephen Mills

At its best, political science research is empirical, systematic, comparative, and provides cogent and durable explanations – not just descriptions – of political behaviour wherever it is observed. What a pity then that the Handbook of Political Party Funding, for all its strengths in these areas ...

Richard Freadman reviews 'Portraits from Life: Modernist novelists and autobiography' by Jerome Boyd Maunsell

Richard Freadman

H.G. Wells, in his Experiment in Autobiography (1934), describes Henry James as ‘a strange unnatural human being’ who ‘regarded his fellow creatures with a face of distress and a remote effort at intercourse, like some victim of enchantment placed in the centre of an immense bladder’ ...

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