Peter Kenneally reviews 'open sesame'

Peter Kenneally
25 September 2012

 Michael Farrell was the 2012 winner of the Peter Porter Poetry Prize, awarded by this magazine. open sesame is his latest collection of poetry, and an earlier version of it won the inaugural Barrett Reid Award for a radical poetry manuscript, in 2008. It has 123 pages.

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Peter Kenneally reviews 'Rawshock' by Toby Fitch

Peter Kenneally
24 September 2012

As a result of the public works of Puncher & Wattmann, it has been established yet again that a book of poetry can andshould combine meaning and design in a shock of pleasure. Toby Fit More

The Land’s Meaning by Randolph Stow

Dennis Haskell
30 August 2012

Randolph Stow, who died in 2010 aged seventy-four, must now be considered part of the Australian canon, whether that concept is conceived broadly or as a smaller cluster of Leavisian peaks. This status derives from his eight novels, which include the Miles Franklin Award-winner To the Islands (1958), the celebrated children’s book Midnite: The Story o ... More

Mike Ladd reviews 'Asymmetry' by Aidan Coleman

Mike Ladd
28 August 2012

In July 2007, at the age of thirty-one, Aidan Coleman suffered a stroke as a result of a brain tumour. Asymmetry is a book in two parts. The first details the poet’s survival af More

Jo Langdon: Snowline

Peter Kenneally
28 August 2012

Peter Kenneally


by Jo Langdon
Whitmore Press, $19.95 pb, 31 pp, 9780975776292


A childhood in Australia, safe and dry, but somehow incomplete: then time overseas defining the self against a different sky; finally, the return home, perhaps to start a ... More

David Gilbey (ed.): fourW twenty-two

Jay Daniel Thompson
28 August 2012

Jay Daniel Thompson


fourW twenty-two
edited by David Gilbey
fourWpress, $25 pb, 174 pp, 9780958675987



f ourW twenty-two is an initiative of the Booranga Writers’ Centre in Wagga Wagga. This current edition features short stories and ... More

Susan Sheridan reviews 'Collected' by Rosemary Dobson

Susan Sheridan
10 July 2012

This volume contains all the poems that Rosemary Dobson wants to preserve. They represent a substantial portion of her output, which seems right for a poet who began with a degree of quiet More

Peter Kenneally reviews 'The Sunlit Zone' by Lisa Jacobson

Peter Kenneally
10 July 2012

It is 2050 in Melbourne. The seas have risen, full of accidental genetic mixtures and cloned versions of extinct favourites, while the land is dried out and life is a tense combination of More

Barry Hill: Naked Clay

Kate Middleton
10 July 2012

Brutal looking

Kate Middleton


Naked Clay: Drawing from Lucian Freud
by Barry Hill
Shearsman Books, $25 pb, 160 pp, 9781848611780


With his new volume of poetry, Barry Hill has set himself the challenge of writing a book focused on the visual art of t ... More

Paul Hetherington reviews 'Another Fine Morning in Paradise' by Michael Sharkey

Paul Hetherington
09 July 2012

The variety of Australian poetry is attested to by books such as Another Fine Morning in Paradise. Neither entirely fish nor fowl, it is by turns satirical, watchful, effusive, an More

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