Diane Fahey: The Wing Collection

Rose Lucas
24 November 2011

Flight path

Rose Lucas


The Wing Collection: New and Selected Poems
by Diane Fahey
Puncher & Wattmann, $28 pb, 248 pp, 9781921450259


Over nearly thirty years and ten books, Diane Fahey has made a significant contribution to Australian poetry. More

Bruce Dawe: Slo-Mo Tsunami and Other Poems

Martin Duwell
24 November 2011

Memory pieces

Martin Duwell


Slo-Mo Tsunami and Other Poems
by Bruce Dawe
Puncher & Wattmann, $24.95 pb, 82 pp, 9781921450433


The title of Bruce Dawe’s first collection, No Fixed Address (1962), pointed to an early working life of inn ... More

The Blind Minotaur

Judith Bishop
15 November 2011


... More

Geoffrey Lehmann on the making of a poetic anthology

Geoffrey Lehmann
25 October 2011

With 1086 pages of poems and critical biographies, Australian Poetry Since 1788 – the third anthology co-edited by Robert Gray and myself – is by far the largest anthology of Australian poetry to date, and at least twice the size of its predecessors. Perhaps controversially, it has fewer poets than many earlier anthologies, with only 174 named poets. Bu ... More

John Kinsella: Activist Poetics

David McCooey
21 October 2011

Lines in the sand

David McCooey


Activist Poetics: Anarchy in the Avon Valley
by John Kinsella, edited by Niall Lucy
Liverpool University Press (Inbooks), $170 hb, 224 pp, 9781846314698


This book of essays by the vegan-anarchist-pacifist poet John K ... More

Jaya Savige: Surface to Air

Gig Ryan
21 October 2011

Enclave of images

Gig Ryan


Surface to Air
by Jaya Savige
University of Queensland Press, $24.95 pb, 96 pp, 9780702239137


Jaya Savige’s first book, latecomers (2005), was an impressive début and won the New South Wales Kenneth Slessor Aw ... More

Peter Steele: A Local Habitation

Philip Harvey
07 October 2011

Gravitas and levitas

Philip Harvey


A Local Habitation: Poems and Homilies
by Peter Steele, edited by Sean Burke
Newman College, $39.95 hb, 168 pp, 9780734041708


Once in a seminar long ago, I heard Peter Steele quote one of Winston Churchill’s more ... More

Gary Catalano: Fresh Linen; Roland Robinson: The Hooded Lamp; and Ken Taylor: At Valentines

Julian Croft
07 October 2011

Picaro reissues of significant poetry collections

Julian Croft


Fresh Linen
by Gary Catalano
Picaro Press, $15 pb, 76 pp, 9781921691010


The Hooded Lamp
by Roland Robinson
Picaro Press, $15 pb, 56 pp, 9781921691027


Nigel Smith: Andrew Marvell

Lisa Gorton
23 August 2011

Reserve and pity almost meet in Andrew Marvell

Lisa Gorton


Andrew Marvell: the Chameleon
by Nigel Smith
Yale University Press (Inbooks), $55.95 hb, 416 pp, 9780300112214


In 1629, Charles I of England sent Daniel Nys to Europe to buy art. Along with ... More

A.D. Cousins and Peter Howarth (eds): The Cambridge Companion to the Sonnet

William Christie
23 August 2011

‘Scorn not the sonnet’

William Christie


The Cambridge Companion to the Sonnet
edited by A.D. Cousins and Peter Howarth
Cambridge University Press, $34.95 pb, 290 pp, 9780521735537


It is a measure of the stature of William Wordsworth among his y ... More

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