John Fuller: Who is Ozymandias?

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
22 February 2012


Chris Wallace-Crabbe


Who is Ozymandias? And Other Puzzles in Poetry
by John Fuller
Random House, $36.95 hb, 256 pp, 9780701184575


Those who write about poetry these days don’t go in much for lightness. More often their solemnity spring ... More

David McCooey: Outside

Philip Harvey
22 February 2012

Fun with flux

Philip Harvey


by David McCooey
Salt Publishing, £9.99 pb, 74 pp, 9781844717590


Philip Larkin at thirty-one asked ‘Where can we live but days?’ It shouldn’t take half a lifetime to learn that we have night and day, yet l ... More

Stephanie Guest on Finding Australian Literature at the University of Melbourne

Stephanie Guest
23 January 2012
I can name many Australian creators of literature. Let not our historians depress them with proofs that they are merely creators of Australian literature.
(W.A. Amiet, Meanjin Papers)

I first discovered Australian literature in Argentina. While I was there studying Argentinian literature at ... More

John Tranter (ed.): The Best Australian Poems 2011

Kate Middleton
20 January 2012

Real treasures in a generous anthology of the ‘best’

Kate Middleton


edited by John Tranter
Black Inc., $24.95 pb, 206 pp, 9781863955492


With the recent focus on new anthologies in the Australian poetry community f ... More

Fiona Morrison (ed.): Selected Prose of Dorothy Hewett

Bruce Bennett
20 January 2012

Romantic modernist

Bruce Bennett


Selected Prose of Dorothy Hewett
edited by Fiona Morrison
UWA Publishing, $32.95 pb, 282 pp, 9781921401626


Best known for her poetry and plays, Dorothy Hewett was also the author of novels, short stories and numerou ... More

Fiona Wright: Knuckled

Rose Lucas
20 January 2012

Dream. Drive. Drizzle.

Rose Lucas


by Fiona Wright
Giramondo, $24 pb, 92 pp, 9781920882754


Knuckled, poet and editor Fiona Wright’s highly anticipated first collection, arrives with an assuredness of style and voice that ... More

Felicity Plunkett (ed.): Thirty Australian Poets

Fiona Wright
25 November 2011

Beyond ’68

Fiona Wright


Thirty Australian Poets
edited by Felicity Plunkett
University of Queensland Press, $27.95 pb, 304 pp, 9780702239144


Although it has been almost half a century since 1968, a year readily mythologised in Australian poetry, ... More

Australian Poetry Since 1788

Michael Hofmann
25 November 2011

Stumbling round the house absent-mindedly or in the off-hours, I wonder where the economy-sized fish tank came from; or the dictionary of some unexpectedly eloquent Oceanian language; or the errant slab of copper sulphate (did some friend or enemy leave it?). Then I remember that it’s the new Australian poetry anthology I am reviewing, the thick end of 1100 large ... More

Bronwyn Lea (ed.): Australian Poetry Journal

Peter Kenneally
24 November 2011

A subdued genesis

Peter Kenneally


edited by Bronwyn Lea
Australian Poetry, $25 pb, 121 pp, 9780987176547


Bronwyn Lea has chosen ‘Beginnings’ as the theme for the first issue of Poetry Australia’s new jour ... More

Gig Ryan: New and Selected Poems

James Harms
24 November 2011

Tonic and rebuke

James Harms


New and Selected Poems
by Gig Ryan
Giramondo, $26.95 pb, 224 pp, 9781920882662


Gig Ryan is something of a postmodern classicist, deftly balancing John Ashbery’s slippery indeterminacy and Anne Carson’s lyric innovat ... More

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