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Open Page with John Kinsella

John Kinsella
27 May 2013

Why do you write?

Writing can bring change. I think of myself as an activist writer. I try to act as witness, and convey and interpret what I see.

Are you a vivid dreamer?

I used to be able to control my dreams to a fair extent (at least the ones I could later recall). I could also adju ... More

Open Page with Matthew Condon

Matthew Condon
27 April 2013

Why do you write?

You might have to ask the ten-year-old that I was, drawing cartoon strips or writing short stories, then binding them and putting them up on my shelf so I could easily observe my collected works. Still, very little since (apart from having my own children) has given me such profound satisfaction. Considering writing’s lev ... More

Open Page with Marion May Campbell

Marion May Campbell
25 March 2013

Why do you write?

For me Genet’s phrase sums it up: to write is to undergo ‘horizontal vertigo’, exhilarating and perilous, to enter language as adventure. With all that slumbering immensity that is etymology, languages are humankind’s great works in progress. To write is to take up this terrifying and beautiful challenge, in which o ... More

Open Page with Nicolas Rothwell

Nicolas Rothwell
07 March 2013

Why do you write?

How vast the world’s scale is; what splendour it holds. Is it not our task to respond to it, to answer it, to make designs and patterns of our own? We live so briefly, from one night to another – and, in our life, such light. It passes through us, it gives us the gleam in our words: to write ... More

Open Page with Gillian Mears

09 July 2012

Why do you write?

Because of a profound love of language and what was once a near addiction to the thrill of opening a dictionary. I would look up a word, then study all the words and their meanings on that double page. Often I would happen upon a word that would assist the ending of whatever it was I’d been working o ... More

Open Page with John Tranter

22 May 2012

Why do you write?

When I was young I tried different things: drawing, painting, music, poetry, short stories, journalism, reviewing, but poetry turned out to be what I was best at.

Are you a vivid dreamer?

Oh, yes. I always dream in colour, and I can remember how thin ... More

Open Page with Tony Birch

Tony Birch
23 April 2012

Why do you write?

Tony Birch monoI become preoccupied with images and memory pictures. Eventually, if they hang around long enough, these images become the cornerstone of a short story or a scene in a novel. If I did not write, I w ... More

Open Page with Brenda Niall

20 March 2012

Why do you write?

Writing has always seemed an easy, natural thing to do. But it was a long time before I thought of myself as a writer rather than an academic.

Are you a vivid dreamer?

I don’t think so. I hardly ever remember any of my dreams, so I suspect they are ... More

Open Page with Peter Conrad

25 February 2012

Why do you write?

It’s the one thing I know how to do. I could never catch a ball when I was a kid, couldn’t balance on a bike, can’t drive a car – not to mention other inadequacies. It’s a relief to think that I have one area of competence, relatively ... More

Open Page with Frank Moorhouse

25 November 2011

Why do you write?

Storytelling in all its forms is one way of having something curious, strange, and comforting to say to others and ourselves when we are faced with the malaise of the real.

Are you a vivid dreamer?

Yes, hugely. But I no longer have much of a theory of dream interpretation. I do kn ... More

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