David Gilbey (ed.): fourW twenty-two

Jay Daniel Thompson
28 August 2012

Jay Daniel Thompson


fourW twenty-two
edited by David Gilbey
fourWpress, $25 pb, 174 pp, 9780958675987



f ourW twenty-two is an initiative of the Booranga Writers’ Centre in Wagga Wagga. This current edition features short stories and ... More

Susan Sheridan reviews 'Collected' by Rosemary Dobson

Susan Sheridan
10 July 2012

This volume contains all the poems that Rosemary Dobson wants to preserve. They represent a substantial portion of her output, which seems right for a poet who began with a degree of quiet More

Peter Kenneally reviews 'The Sunlit Zone' by Lisa Jacobson

Peter Kenneally
10 July 2012

It is 2050 in Melbourne. The seas have risen, full of accidental genetic mixtures and cloned versions of extinct favourites, while the land is dried out and life is a tense combination of More

Barry Hill: Naked Clay

Kate Middleton
10 July 2012

Brutal looking

Kate Middleton


Naked Clay: Drawing from Lucian Freud
by Barry Hill
Shearsman Books, $25 pb, 160 pp, 9781848611780


With his new volume of poetry, Barry Hill has set himself the challenge of writing a book focused on the visual art of t ... More

Paul Hetherington reviews 'Another Fine Morning in Paradise' by Michael Sharkey

Paul Hetherington
09 July 2012

The variety of Australian poetry is attested to by books such as Another Fine Morning in Paradise. Neither entirely fish nor fowl, it is by turns satirical, watchful, effusive, an More

Peter Kenneally reviews 'All the Way Home' by Kristin Henry

Peter Kenneally
09 July 2012

The cover of Kristin Henry’s verse novel All the Way Home shows a man at the wheel of a car, looking ahead at an endless dirt road. There is even a YouTube trailer for the book on the publisher’s website, with more driving. But in Henry’s book, as in all the best road movies, nobody ever seems to get anywhere.

... More

Remembering Peter Steele

Kate Middleton
04 July 2012

Bricks, knowledge, gravity


‘I just read a history of bricks.’


We learn about the ways our teachers have influenced us over many years. As an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne, I took every class taught by Professor Peter Steele SJ. More than a decade after I first ... More

Dan Disney: and then when the

Kate Middleton
22 May 2012

Kate Middleton


and then when the
by Dan Disney
John Leonard Press, $24.95 pb, 46 pp, 9780980852325


Dan Disney’s début collection, and then when the, is a slim volume infused with irreverent outings in philosophy and place. Just as the opening poem ... More

Anthony Lynch reviews 'The Quadrant Book of Poetry' edited by Les Murray

Anthony Lynch
22 May 2012

In his polemical Introduction, Les Murray notes that Quadrant was founded sixty years ago by poet James McAuley, the ‘stern formalist’ who ensured that poetry occupied a promi More

Martin Duwell reviews 'Here, There and Elsewhere' by Vivian Smith

Martin Duwell
22 May 2012

This new book of Vivian Smith’s is really quite a surprise. If it were the case of any other poet approaching his eighties you might think of it as rather a grab bag, knocked together ou More

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