Kate Lilley: Ladylike

Rose Lucas
22 May 2012

Rose Lucas


by Kate Lilley
UWA Publishing, $19.95 pb, 86 pp, 9781742584393


Like all good titles, Kate Lilley’s Ladylike offers the reader a coded and evocative entrée into her new collection. These poems are concerned with exposing and cr ... More

Bronwyn Lea reviews 'Late Night Shopping' by Rhyll McMaster

Bronwyn Lea
20 April 2012

Broadly speaking, there are two types of epitaphs: those formulated by loved ones to describe the living qualities of the interred; and those that would presume to speak from the grave. Wr More

Alan Fish: The Keeper of Fish; and M.A. Carter: Keeping Carter

Cassandra Atherton
20 April 2012

Philip Salom as Fisher King

Cassandra Atherton


The Keeper of Fish
by Alan Fish (edited by Philip Salom)
Puncher & Wattmann (Inbooks), $24 pb, 90 pp, 9781921450464



S.K. Kelen: Island Earth

Anthony Lynch
20 April 2012

Anthony Lynch


Island Earth: New and Selected Poems
by S.K. Kelen
Brandl & Schlesinger, $29.95 pb, 335 pp, 9781876454173


‘Dark satanic mills won the day’, S.K. Kelen tells us in one of his strongest poems ... More

Maria Takolander reviews 'Young Poets: An Australian Anthology' edited by John Leonard

Maria Takolander
21 March 2012

John Leonard’s anthology of young Australian poets, showcasing the work of an exclusive septet, comes hot on the heels of Felicity Plunkett’s more accommodating Thirty Australian P More

Martin Duwell reviews 'The Welfare of My Enemy' by Anthony Lawrence

Martin Duwell
21 March 2012

The Welfare of My Enemy is an unusual experiment in narrative poetry. Taking as its theme ‘the disappeared’, it is a set of narratives, a kind of anthology that imaginatively More

Mark Treddinick reviews 'Vishvarūpa' by Michelle Cahill

Mark Treddinick
21 March 2012

Vishvarūpa, Michelle Cahill’s second collection, is a convocation of untouchables and deities – unbelieving, irreverent, and sardonic – each a proxy for an aspect of the po More

Paul Kane reviews 'The Penguin Anthology of 20th Century American Poetry' edited by Rita Dove

Paul Kane
27 February 2012

‘To choose the best, among many good,’ says Dr Johnson in his ‘Life of Cowley’, ‘is one of the most hazardous attempts of criticism.’ The truth of this maxim is borne out nicel More

John Fuller: Who is Ozymandias?

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
22 February 2012


Chris Wallace-Crabbe


Who is Ozymandias? And Other Puzzles in Poetry
by John Fuller
Random House, $36.95 hb, 256 pp, 9780701184575


Those who write about poetry these days don’t go in much for lightness. More often their solemnity spring ... More

David McCooey: Outside

Philip Harvey
22 February 2012

Fun with flux

Philip Harvey


by David McCooey
Salt Publishing, £9.99 pb, 74 pp, 9781844717590


Philip Larkin at thirty-one asked ‘Where can we live but days?’ It shouldn’t take half a lifetime to learn that we have night and day, yet l ... More

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