Lisa Gorton

Cassandra Atherton reviews 'Hotel Hyperion' by Lisa Gorton

Cassandra Atherton
27 April 2013

The camera ottica in the epigraph to Hotel Hyperion alludes to Lisa Gorton’s artful play with shifting perspectives in this luminescent collection of poetry. The reader is invited More

Lisa Gorton reviews 'Edmund Spenser: A Life'

Lisa Gorton
25 October 2012

In 1579, with the publication of The Shepheardes Calendar, Edmund Spenser (c.1552–99) burst onto the English literary scene. From the beginning, he was one of the oddest of great writers. The Calendar was a work of remarkable ambition. Spenser’s unlikely shepherds ‘piped’ poems to each other, using a pseudo-archaic dialect and a variety ... More

The world of William Kentridge

Lisa Gorton
23 April 2012

In 1981, William Kentridge journeyed from apartheid South Africa to the École Jacques Lecoq in Paris, renowned for its work in improvisation and physical theatre – theatre that creates itself in play. Though Kentridge would become an artist – working in drawing, printing, animation, film, opera, and sculpture – physical theatre and improvisation come closest ... More

'Night Guard, The Futures Museum after the ACMI Star Voyager Exhibition', a new poem by Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton
20 March 2012


Rooms so familiar
they complete themselves in me –
this darkened hall where the glass cases,


'Dreams and Artefacts', a new poem by Lisa Gorton

Lisa Gorton
12 April 2011


Patiently, ticket by ticket, a soft-stepped crowd
advances into the mimic ship’s hull half-
sailed out of the foyer wall, as if advancing into
somebody else’s dream –

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