December 2014, no. 367

Welcome to our December issue! Highlights include our popular Books of the Year feature in which leading critics, writers, and artists nominate their favourite books (providing plenty of inspiration for your summer reading lists). Also, Neal Blewett reviews Julia Gillard’s memoir of her time as prime minister; Diana Glenn reviews Clive James’s translation of The Divine Comedy; Ann-Marie Priest dives into a new collection of Gwen Harwood’s poetry; Phillip Deery reviews David Horner’s history of ASIO’s formative years; and Delia Falconer reviews Robert Dessaix’s memoir What Days Are For. Dessaix is also this month’s Open Page guest and Gig Ryan is our Poet of the Month. New poems by Gig Ryan, Tina Kane, and Stephen Edgar can also be found within.

December 2014, no. 367

Neal Blewett reviews 'My Story' by Julia Gillard

Neal Blewett

Much like her government, Julia Gillard’s memoir resembles the proverbial curate’s egg. Where her passions are involved, as with education (‘Our Children’) or the fair work laws, we are provided with a compelling policy read. Where they are not, as in large sl ...

Books of the Year 2014

Robert Adamson et al.

Books of the Year is always one our most popular features. Find out what our 41 contributors liked most this year – and why.

Rodney Tiffen reviews 'Hack Attack' by Nick Davies and 'Beyond Contempt' by Peter Jukes

Rodney Tiffen

Bettina Jordan-Barber will soon face trial for receiving around £100,000 over nine years from the Sun newspaper for supplying information while she was an official in the Ministry of Defence. Both the prosecution and the defence during the recent UK ‘phone h ...

Catriona Menzies-Pike reviews '10:04' by Ben Lerner

Catriona Menzies-Pike

In Ben Lerner’s second novel, 10:04, weather maps that promise hurricanes deliver mere showers. The symptoms presented by an ailing human body don’t always yield a diagnosis and the night sky is a mystery. Excavated dinosaur bones can suggest that a ...

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