February 2014, no. 358

February 2014, no. 358

Welcome to our first issue for 2014 – with 48 different writers bringing you fine reviews, poems, and arts commentary. Historian Marilyn Lake – warning us about a veritable tsunami of books about the Great War in the centenary year – reviews Joan Beaumont’s book Broken Nation. John Thompson finds much to like in Germaine Greer’s White Beech: The Rainforest Years. Jen Webb reviews Donna Tartt’s new novel, The Goldfinch. Rebekah Clarkson, Danielle Clode and Peter Kenneally review major anthologies of last year’s ‘best’ writings. We also have a major new feature – ‘Critic of the Month’.


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Australian History

Dreaming Too Loud

Military History

Broken Nation


The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt