Kate Middleton

Fiona Hile reviews 'Rhinestone' by Ella O'Keefe, 'Metadata' by Amelia Dale, 'end motion/manifest' by Sian Vate, and 'Office of Locutions' by Kate Middleton

Fiona Hile
29 October 2015

All writers need good bookshelves, but the poet, perhaps more than any other writer, is charged with the involuntary dispensation and relentless accumulation of reading material. This is partly due to the proclivities of the producers and partly due to the characteristics of the form itself. As the notable cultural critic Pierre Bourdieu remarked, poetry's effects d ... More

2015 Porter Prize Shortlist

Kate Middleton et al
24 April 2015
Read the six shortlisted poems in the 2015 Porter Prize. More

'Of Ash', a new poem by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
25 March 2014

Cento after Peter Steele

Is this not running wild?
Silk-white ashes of dream and film
nerve into drama −
into darkness More

Peter Kenneally reviews 'Ephemeral Waters' by Kate Middleton

Peter Kenneally
28 November 2013

‘As if cuffed by the ear, the Colorado river pulled me onward.’ The current that seized Kate Middleton can be felt throughout Ephemeral Waters, as she takes us from More

Kate Middleton reviews 'Liquid Nitrogen' by Jennifer Maiden

Kate Middleton
28 January 2013

Jennifer Maiden has for a long time been one of Australia’s most politically engaged poets, a commentator on the local scene and the international set alike. With her new volume, Liqu More

'Balcony 2', a new poem by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
24 September 2012
'Balcony 2', a new poem by Kate Middleton. More

'Shearing the Rams', a new poem by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
07 July 2012

after Tom Roberts


Holding the ram in awkward embrace,
he comprehends gravity while watching
the shearers charge through their task.


Remembering Peter Steele

Kate Middleton
04 July 2012

Bricks, knowledge, gravity


‘I just read a history of bricks.’


We learn about the ways our teachers have influenced us over many years. As an undergraduate student at the University of Melbourne, I took every class taught by Professor Peter Steele SJ. More than a decade after I first ... More

'After Reading Henry James’s The Awkward Age', a new poem by Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton
27 February 2012

The answer could only be yes. Or,
(as James would have it) it was a question,
the way she turned back to him
seemed to say, that deserved


Kate Middleton reviews 'The Best Australian Poems 2011' edited by John Tranter

Kate Middleton
20 January 2012

With the recent focus on new anthologies in the Australian poetry community firmly placed on UNSW Press’s Australian Poetry Since 1788 (edited by Geoffrey Lehmann and Robert Gra More

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