October 2012 no. 345

October 2012 no. 345

Ian Britain reviews 'The Two Frank Thrings'

Ian Britain

How lucky we were! My ‘baby boomer’ generation in Melbourne grew up on stories of the second Frank Thring (1926–94), which competed in outrageousness with the anecdotes we heard of B ... More

Kerryn Goldsworthy reviews 'The Watch Tower' by Elizabeth Harrower

Kerryn Goldsworthy

‘Too many vampires,’ wrote Patrick White. The year was 1980; the document was a letter to Shirley Hazzard; the subject was their friend and fellow novelist Elizabeth Harrower, who had ... More

Jennifer Lindsay's essay: 'Man on the Margins'

Jennifer Lindsay

‘If Indonesia were a person,’ a good friend in Jakarta said to me, ‘it would be Goenawan.’ I know what she means. There is nothing black and white about him. He is a complex man, m ... More

James Ley reviews 'The Voyage' by Murray Bail

James Ley

Murray Bail’s fiction has often been interpreted in light of its explicit rejection of a prevailing tradition of Australian realism that someone once described as ‘dun-coloured’. Thi ... More

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