July–August 2012 no. 343

July–August 2012 no. 343

Alice Kessler-Harris: A Difficult Woman

Desley Deacon

Desley Deacon


A Difficult Woman: The Challenging Life and Times of Lillian Hellman
by Alice Kessler-Harris
Bloomsbury, $39.99 hb, 439 pp, 97 ... More

News from the Editor's Desk


ABR moves to Southbank

While this issue is printing, we’ll be moving to our new office in More

Anne Chisolm on the humiliation of Rupert Murdoch

Anne Chisolm

It all began with Prince William’s knee. Not, of course, the phone hacking and bribery and corruption which, as we all now know, was commonplace behaviour in the British tabloid newspape ... More

Wordly riches at the Barnes

Patrick McCaughey

From musty Merion to a new home in Philadelphia

by Patrick McCaughey


In mid-May the Barnes Foundation opened at its new location in the cultural corridor ... More

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Ben Juers


Ben Juers