Chris Wallace-Crabbe reviews 'Collected Poems: Francis Webb' edited by Toby Davidson

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
26 April 2011
The deeply troubled Francis Webb, a magician with language, is still one of the two or three most remarkable poets Australia has produced, if nation-states can be said to produce creative art More

David McCooey reviews '100 Australian Poems of Love and Loss' edited by Jamie Grant

David McCooey
21 April 2011

100 Australian Poems of Love and Loss is the companion volume to Jamie Grant’s 100 Australian Poems You Need to Know (2008). The title of the new anthology shies away f More

David McCooey reviews 'A Cool and Shaded Heart' and 'Ethical Investigations' by Noel Rowe

David McCooey
14 April 2011

Noel Rowe, poet and critic, was something of an enigma to me. It is hard to believe that he was still in his thirties (just) when I met him in 1990 at the University of Sydney, he a lectur More

Gig Ryan reviews 'Ashes in the Air' by Ali Alizadeh

Gig Ryan
26 March 2011

Poet and novelist Ali Alizadeh’s third book of poetry, Ashes in the Air, reclaims some themes from his earlier poetry collection, Eyes in Times of War (2006). Autobiogr More

Martin Duwell reviews 'Acts of Defiance: New and Selected Poems' by Dennis Haskell

Martin Duwell
26 March 2011

First books often suffer most in a Selected Poems as the poet who finally emerges from the possibilities explored in the poems of the first book retrospectively weeds out those poems that More

Chris Wallace-Crabbe reviews 'Human Chain' by Seamus Heaney and 'Stepping Stones' by Dennis O'Driscoll

Chris Wallace-Crabbe
01 February 2011

Auden wrote of the mature Herman Melville that he ‘sailed into an extraordinary mildness’. The same sort of thing could be found in Seamus Heaney, even though he has always written with a degree of calm, with hospitable decorum. It was this level-headedness that enabled him to write about sectarian violence in the magisterial Station Island poems (1984) ... More

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