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Australian Book Review
29 February 2016
Professor Kevin Brophy is author of fourteen books of fiction, poetry and essays, including This is What Gives Us Time More

Peter Kenneally reviews 'Prayers of a Secular World' edited by Jordie Albiston and Kevin Brophy

Peter Kenneally
21 December 2015

In her introduction to Australian Love Poems (2013), Donna Ward wrote that poems 'are the prayers of a secular world'. Now, aided by editors Jordie Albiston and Kevin Brophy, she brings us a collection that tests this notion. The introduction by David Tacey states its case fervently, with, in this case, a bit too much determination that 'the sacred is inera ... More

'The Philosophy Exam', a new poem by Kevin Brophy

Kevin Brophy
29 April 2014

Now you have seen the elephant and heard
from an ex-student who blogs an elegy
to his lost left leg (his transfemoral amputation),
and a friend (you visit him in emergency)


Kevin Brophy reviews Peter Boyle's new collection of poetry

Kevin Brophy
28 February 2014

Towns in the Great Desert, a New and Selected, may be the collection that defines Peter Boyle. Among Australian poets, Peter Boyle is an exotic, one who is likely to be read far into the future.

... More

'The Sublime', a new poem by Kevin Brophy

Kevin Brophy
23 May 2011

at 86 and 91 they are still together
more or less
and greet me at the door
as if I am the punchline to a joke
they were just recalling

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