May 2014, no. 361

Welcome to the May issue! Our main feature is our Peter Porter Poetry Prize shortlist for 2014 – featuring poems by Elizabeth Allen, Nathan Curnow, Paul Kane, and Jessica L. Wilkinson. Ann-Marie Priest is the author of the first of our Calibre-shortlisted essays: a long study of Henry Handel Richardson’s relationship with Olga Roncoroni. Also in the May issue: Joan Beaumont on the commercialisation of the Anzacs, Kevin Rabalais on David Malouf, and reviews of new fiction by Tony Birch, Siri Hustvedt, and Robert Hillman. Henry Reynolds reviews Tom Lawson’s new work on the Tasmanian genocide, and Richard J. Martin explores Aboriginal political agency.

May 2014, no. 361

Elizabeth Harrower's final novel

Bernadette Brennan

Almost 50 years after she wrote it (and withdrew it from publication), Elizabeth Harrower’s last novel, ‘In Certain Circles’, is finally published.

2014 Porter Prize Shortlist

Paul Kane et al.

The Peter Porter Poetry Prize – now open to all poets writing in English – is one of our most prestigious prizes of its kind. Read this year’s four shortlisted poems.

Tony Birch's 'The Promise'

David Whish-Wilson

David Whish-Wilson reviews Tony Birch’s new collection of twelve short stories which display his characteristic humour, laconicism and charm.

Trivialising the Anzacs

Joan Beaumont

In a year sure to be glutted with military commemorations, leading historian Joan Beaumont highlights the commodification and triviliasation of the Anzac legend.

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