March 2014, no. 359

Welcome to the March issue! Morag Fraser continues her series of annual Letters from America about politics in the United States. Shane Carmody tackles Senator Bernardi’s revolutionary tract. Gideon Haigh writes about the strange torpor among investigative journalists prior to the GFC. Lisa Gorton surveys David Malouf’s poetic oeuvre with particular reference to his new collection, Earth Hour. We also review new films Tracks and Dallas Buyers Club, and Michael Gow’s new play at Belvoir, Once in Royal David’s City; while Patrick McCaughey writes about the majestically restored Rijksmuseum. All this and much more in your ABR!

March 2014, no. 359

David Malouf’s Rapturous Sense of Things

Lisa Gorton

David Malouf turns eighty this month, improbably. To mark his birthday, UQP has published a new poetry collection by Malouf. ABR Poetry Editor reviews Earth Hour in this issue.

The Mystery of the Silent Scribes

Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh reviews a major new study of the failure of investigative journalism during the 2008 GFC. He argues that journalists became invested in the economic boom, to their cost.

The Science of what Separates Us from other Animals

Robyn Williams

ABR Radio National’s Robyn Williams reviews Thomas Suddendorf’s important new study of the science that separates human beings from animals.

Penelope Fitzgerald’s Secret River of Creativity

Brenda Niall

Award-winning biographer Brenda Niall welcomes the first biography of Penelope Fitzgerald by superlative British biographer Hermione Lee, and is fascinated by the great novelist’s secret river of creativity.

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