October 2010 no. 325 Welcome to the October 2010 issue!

October 2010 no. 325

Patrick Allington reviews 'That Deadman Dance' by Kim Scott

Patrick Allington

Kim Scott noted in 2001 that the biographical notes accompanying his first two novels (True Country, 1993, and Benang: From the Heart, 1999) changed from ‘Kim Scott ... of ... More

Open Page with Thomas Keneally

Why do you write?

It is often a transcendent experience of the kind all humans seek. Suffering is just par ... More

'Alpha and Omega' Nathan Hollier on the establishment of Monash University Publishing

Nathan Hollier

 On 8 September 2010, in the foyer of the Robert Blackwood Hall at Monash University, beneath the beautiful ‘Alpha and Omega’ stained-glass window created by Leonard French and co ... More

Peter Menkhorst reviews 'Upside Down World' by Penny Olsen

Peter Menkhorst

In this age of throwaway digital images it is easy to forget that before the late nineteenth century the only means of conveying a visual image of an object or place was by drawing its lik ... More

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