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May 2020, no. 421

May 2020, no. 421

What a difference a month makes! Happily, the outlook looks so much brighter than when we published the April issue – here in Australia at least. In our May issue, the Editor updates readers on how ABR is responding and laments the Australia Council’s non-funding of ABR and other magazines. ABR Laureate Robyn Archer reflects on what Australia might look like after the crisis. ABR Behrouz Boochani Fellow Hessom Razavi writes from the frontline – as a clinician in Perth. He interviews senior clinicians, reflects on his family’s Iranian experience, and also prepares to become a parent. David Fricker – Director General of the National Archives – responds to Jenny Hocking’s attack on the Archives over the ‘Palace letters’ in our previous issue. We have reviews of novels by James Bradley, Polly Samson, Ronnie Scott, and Chris Flynn – and new poetry by Lisa Gorton, Gig Ryan, and Paul Kane.


Full Contents


The Toy of the Spirit by Anthony Mannix


Mel O’Callaghan: Centre of the Centre by Talia Linz and Michelle Newton


Open Page with James Bradley

by Australian Book Review

Psychiatry and its Discontents by Andrew Scull


Cherry Beach by Laura McPhee-Browne

Gender and Sexuality

Trans America: A counter-history by Barry Reay


Long Live Latin by Nicola Gardini & Vox Populi by Peter Jones

Science and Technology

Why Trust Science?' by Naomi Oreskes


Recollections of My Non-Existence by Rebecca Solnit


Sweetness and Light by Liam Pieper


The Animals in That Country by Laura Jean McKay


The Adversary by Ronnie Scott


Mammoth by Chris Flynn


A Theatre for Dreamers by Polly Samson


'I Wonder': The life and work of Ken Inglis edited by Peter Browne and Seumas Spark

Short Stories

Pandemic reading: Books that solace or distract

by Tim Flannery et al.

Ghost Species by James Bradley


Letters to the Editor

by Chris Wallace-Crabbe, Beejay Silcox, James Walter, Alex Miller, Naama Grey-Smith, Roger Rees, Judith Masters, Sally Gray, Danielle Clode, Tom Griffiths, Jenny Esots, Gill David Egan, Katharine Margot Toohey