Roger McDonald

Robin Gerster reviews Postcolonial Heritage and Settler Well-Being: The historical fictions of Roger Mcdonald by Christopher Lee

Robin Gerster
22 July 2019

Though he had already produced two volumes of poetry, Roger McDonald first came to popular attention with his spectacular début novel, 1915, published in 1979. A recreation of th More

Michael Williams reviews 'The Ballad of Desmond Kale' by Roger McDonald

Michael Williams
10 July 2019

How much do you care about sheep? I mean More

Open Page with Roger McDonald

Australian Book Review
30 October 2017

Why do you write? Through a love of words. Are you a vivid dreamer? Awfully, but I was warned early not to put dreams in novels, at least nothing longer than half a line ...


Brian Matthews reviews 'A Sea-Chase' by Roger McDonald

Brian Matthews
25 October 2017

As Ratty observed to Mole, ‘There is nothing – absolutely nothing – half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats.’ In Roger McDonald’s A Sea-Chase, lovers Wes Bannister and Judy Compton would certainly agree, but before they achieve Ratty’s state of nautical transcendence much that does matter has to be dealt with.

... More

Roger McDonald reviews 'The Songs of Trees: Stories from nature’s great connectors' by David George Haskell

Roger McDonald
27 September 2017

The Songs of Trees takes its title from something that might not actually happen. Do trees sing? The notion runs through the American biologist David George Haskell’s second book in twisty directions, like a half-caught melody. (His first book was The Forest Unseen, a Pulitzer Prize finalist in 2013.)

Don’t trees just make sounds, crack ... More

Peter Pierce reviews 'When Colts Ran' by Roger McDonald

Peter Pierce
15 November 2011

Between the wars, the dominant mode of Australian fiction was the saga: tales of land-taking and nation-building, melodramas within families across generations, characters shaped by loneli More