November 2010, no. 326

November 2010, no. 326

Peter Rose on Remembering Gore Vidal

Peter Rose

It was David Marr who commented that the key character in Gore Vidal’s first memoir, Palimpsest (1995), was not Jimmie Trimble, the boy whom Vidal loved when they were at school and who died, aged eighteen, at the battle for Iwo Jima; nor Vidal’s blind an ...

News from the Editor's Desk


Art talk

We suspect that this issue of ABR, at eighty pages in the print edition, is our longest yet. There were so many books to accommodate, plus a welcome new cohort of advertisers, especially in the gallery world. We thank all of them for their ...

Letters to the Editor - November 2010


No statues for critics

Dear Editor,

I am sorry that Judith Armstrong should have such difficulty following my point that criticism is in some sense bound to fail because it is a secondary exercise ...

'A welcome extension to the National Gallery of Australia' by Christopher Menz

Christopher Menz

Lightness and clarity

by Christopher Menz


The initial idea was for a new front door at the National Gallery of Australia. At least that is how Ron Radford, director of the Gallery, presented it to the one thousand or so guests in his ...

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