Delia Falconer: Sydney

Rhyll McMaster
12 October 2011

‘Glitz and rot’

Rhyll McMaster


by Delia Falconer
New South, $29.95 hb, 301 pp, 9781921410925


Delia Falconer’s Sydney, the third in a series from New South in which leading Australian authors write about their hometowns, is lik ... More

Nick Dyrenfurth: Heroes & Villains; and Nick Dyrenfurth and Frank Bongiorno: A Little History of the Australian Labor Party

Stuart Macintyre
23 August 2011

Labor’s long history and uncertain future

Stuart Macintyre


Heroes & Villains: The Rise and Fall of the Early Australian Labor Party
by Nick Dyrenfurth
Australian Scholarly Publishing, $44 pb, 281 pp, 9781921875007


A Little Histo ... More

Paul Ashton and Paula Hamilton: History at the Crossroads

Clare Corbould
23 August 2011


Clare Corbould


History at the Crossroads: Australians and the Past
by Paul Ashton and Paula Hamilton
Halstead Press, $28.95 pb, 174 pp, 9781920831813


‘The past is a foreign country; they do things differently there,’ said histor ... More

Peter Stothard reviews 'Rome'

Peter Stothard
22 August 2011

There are two sorts of carelessness that a reviewer of history books will regularly see. The first is a minor marring of virtue: a small blot on a show of swashbuckling confidence and command over grand themes, a lack of care for what lesser men may think, arrogance even. We often call this being carefree rather than careless. The critic can correct and admire and m ... More

James Boyce: 1835

John Rickard
29 June 2011

New light on the European invasion of Australia

John Rickard


1835: The Founding of Melbourne and the Conquest of Australia
by James Boyce
Black Inc., $44.95 hb, 257 pp, 9781863954754


The title of this book might, to an innocent observer, suggest a ... More

Nezar AlSayyad: Cairo

Grazia Gunn
29 June 2011

Cairo in reverse

Grazia Gunn


Cairo: Histories of a City
by Nezar AlSayyad
Harvard University Press (Inbooks), $45 hb, 344 pp, 9780674047860


Italo Calvino once wrote that ‘cities are like dreams: their rules seem absurd, their perspectives are oft ... More

Neil MacGregor: A History of the World in 100 Objects

Gerard Vaughan
24 May 2011

Radio inspires a volume of transcendent objects

Gerard Vaughan


A History of the World in 100 Objects
by Neil MacGregor
Allen Lane, $49.95 hb, 733 pp, 9781846144134


This fascinating, complex book relies for its success on the simplest of ideas and m ... More

Penny Russell: Savage or Civilised?

John Rickard
04 May 2011

Watch your manners

John Rickard


Savage or Civilised? Manners in Colonial Australia
by Penny Russell
New South, $34.95 pb, 368 pp, 9780868408606


Lacking a titled aristocracy and the leisured class that went with it, Australian colonial society encou ... More

Trish FitzSimons, Pat Laughren, and Dugald Williamson: Australian Documentary

Ina Bertrand
21 April 2011

Genre drift

Ina Bertrand


by Trish FitzSimons, Pat Laughren, and Dugald Williamson
Cambridge University Press, $59.95 pb, 304 pp, 9780521167994


The concept of ‘documentary’ is a slippery custome ... More

Joseph Wiesenfarth reviews 'Rewriting History'

Joseph Wiesenfarth
21 April 2011

Andreas Gaile presents his Rewriting History as Peter Carey’s biography of Australia. Before he gives us the facts of that biography, however, he suggests why Carey cannot write a biography of Australia: ‘there is no “real” Australia waiting to be uncovered. A national identity is an invention.’ He elaborates this by a series of excursions into po ... More

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