Norman Etherington on the spectre of Manning Clark

Norman Etherington
25 November 2011

Recognising biography as ‘one of the new terrors of death’, the eighteenth-century wit John Arbuthnot made sure his life would be sparsely documented. Manning Clark, preoccupied with his inevitable extinction, took the opposite tack. He massively archived all his thoughts and doings as a strategy for ensuring some spectral posthumous existence. A telling photogr ... More

Alexandra Walsham: The Reformation of the Landscape

Wilfrid Prest
24 November 2011

A remarkable new look at familiar historical themes

Wilfrid Prest


The Reformation of the Landscape: Religion, Identity, and Memory in Early Modern Britain and Ireland
by Alexandra Walsham
Oxford University Press, $65 hb, 653 pp, 9780199243556


Austr ... More

Ian Britain (ed.): The Donald Friend Diaries

Patrick McCaughey
16 November 2011

Friend’s masterpiece in a convenient form

Patrick McCaughey


The Donald Friend Diaries: Chronicles & Confessions of an Australian Artist
edited by Ian Britain (foreword by Barry Humphries)
Text Publishing, $45 pb, 490 pp, 9781921656705


For som ... More

Matthew Richardson: The West and the Map of the World

John Thompson
15 November 2011

The decline and career of the West

John Thompson


The West and the Map of the World: A Reappraisal of the Past
by Matthew Richardson
Miegunyah Press, $69.99 hb, 278 pp, 9780522856071


Placed on a coffee table – its likely destination – this hands ... More

Richard Beresford: Victorian Visions

Christopher Menz
15 November 2011

No ordinary collector

Christopher Menz


Victorian Visions: Nineteenth-Century Art from the John Schaeffer Collection
by Richard Beresford
Art Gallery of New South Wales, $45 pb, 175 pp, 97817417405578


For an Australian collector to have amassed one ... More

Richard Broome and Dianne Kirkby (eds): Australian Historical Studies, Vol. 41, Issue 2

Lyndon Megarrity
15 November 2011

Public and private duty

Lyndon Megarrity


Australian Historical Studies, Volume 41, Issue 2
edited by Richard Broome and Dianne Kirkby
Taylor & Francis, $195 p.a., 123 pp, 1031461X


Australian Historical Studies (AHS), which can ... More

Bill Gammage: The Biggest Estate on Earth

Geoffrey Blainey
25 October 2011

Masters of the blaze

Geoffrey Blainey


The Biggest Estate on Earth: How Aborigines Made Australia
by Bill Gammage
Allen & Unwin, $49.99 hb, 464 pp, 9781742377483


This bold book, with its lucid prose and vivid illustrations, will be discussed for ... More

John Bailey: Into the Unknown

Darrell Lewis
25 October 2011


Darrell Lewis


Into the Unknown: The Tormented Life and Expeditions of Ludwig Leichhardt
by John Bailey
Macmillan, $34.99 pb, 381 pp, 9781742610450


In 1848 Ludwig Leichhardt and half a dozen companions set out from Queensland’s Darli ... More

James Waghorne and Stuart Macintyre: Liberty

Terry Lane
25 October 2011

Barely a peep from the public

Terry Lane


Liberty: A History of Civil Liberties in Australia
by James Waghorne and Stuart Macintyre
UNSW Press, $59.95 hb, 240 pp, 9781742232652


In 1988 the Hawke government put a constitutional amendment to a referen ... More

Neville Kirk: Labour and the Politics of Empire

Robert Dare
25 October 2011

Putting nation and empire in labour politics

Robert Dare


Labour and the Politics of Empire: Britain and Australia 1900 to the Present
by Neville Kirk
Manchester University Press (Footprint Books), $144 hb, 319 pp, 9780719080791


In 1902 the New Zeal ... More

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