Richard Aitken: The Garden of Ideas

Luke Morgan
19 April 2011

‘Mower is less’

Luke Morgan


The Garden of Ideas: Four Centuries of Australian Style
by Richard Aitken
Miegunyah Press, $64.99 hb, 255 pp, 9780522857504


When Bouvard and Pécuchet suddenly become enamoured of landscape design in Flaubert’s nov ... More

Richard Toye: Churchill's Empire

Robin Prior
12 April 2011

The decline and fall of imperialism

Robin Prior


Churchill’s Empire: The World That Made Him and the World He Made
by Richard Toye
Pan Macmillan, $70 hb, 440 pp, 9780230703841


Empires are out of fashion. The idea of one people ruling over another ... More

Stuart Macintyre reviews 'Curtin’s Empire'

Stuart Macintyre
24 March 2011

‘A peculiar bloke, Jack; you never knew him. You couldn’t get close to him.’ Reg Pollard, who was one of the abler members of the Labor Caucus in the 1940s, confessed his puzzlement to Lloyd Ross as Curtin’s biographer gathered personal testimony.

... More

Ian Coller: Arab France

Robert Aldrich
24 March 2011

Napoleon’s ‘in-betweens’

Robert Aldrich


Arab France: Islam and the Making of Modern Europe, 1798–1831
by Ian Coller
University of California Press (Inbooks)
$39.95 pb, 304 pp, 9780520260658


‘Arab France’ will immediately suggest t ... More

Alan Frost: Botany Bay

Norman Etherington
24 March 2011

Old battles about British settlement

Norman Etherington


Botany Bay: The Real Story
by Alan Frost
Black Inc., $32.95 pb, 289 pp, 9781863955126


In 1970, ... More

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