Jill Jolliffe: Finding Santana

Joan Grant
04 May 2011

The quest for Santana

Joan Grant


Finding Santana
by Jill Jolliffe
Wakefield Press, $24.95 pb, 178 pp, 9781862549598


On YouTube, the guerrilla fighter Nino Konis Santana is presented Che Guevara style, in fatigues with beret and rifle, against the E ... More

Ina Bertrand reviews 'Australian Documentary: History, Practices, Genres' by Trish FitzSimons, Pat Laughren, and Dugald Williamson

Ina Bertrand
21 April 2011

The concept of ‘documentary’ is a slippery customer. It may start with John Grierson’s ‘creative treatment of actuality’, but, like holding water in your hand, it bleeds across m More

Joseph Wiesenfarth reviews 'Rewriting History: Peter Carey’s Fictional Biography of Australia' by Andreas Gaile

Joseph Wiesenfarth
21 April 2011

Andreas Gaile presents his Rewriting History as Peter Carey’s biography of Australia. Before he gives us the facts of that biography, however, he suggests why Carey cannot write More

Luke Morgan reviews 'The Garden of Ideas: Four Centuries of Australian Style' by Richard Aitken

Luke Morgan
19 April 2011

When Bouvard and Pécuchet suddenly become enamoured of landscape design in Flaubert’s novel of 1881, and decide to remodel their own garden, they are bewildered by the ‘infinity of st More

Robin Prior reviews 'Churchill’s Empire: The World That Made Him and the World He Made' by Richard Toye

Robin Prior
12 April 2011

Empires are out of fashion. The idea of one people ruling over another has had its day. The mention of any empire – with the possible exception of the Roman one, for which people still h More

Stuart Macintyre reviews 'Curtin’s Empire' by James Curran

Stuart Macintyre
24 March 2011

‘A peculiar bloke, Jack; you never knew him. You couldn’t get close to him.’ Reg Pollard, who was one of the abler members of the Labor Caucus in the 1940s, confessed his puzzlement More

Robert Aldrich reviews 'Arab France: Islam and the Making of Modern Europe, 1798–1831' by Ian Coller

Robert Aldrich
24 March 2011

‘Arab France’ will immediately suggest to some readers debates about the wearing of Muslim headscarves in public schools and, more generally, about the place of North African migrants More

Norman Etherington reviews 'Botany Bay: The Real Story' by Alan Frost

Norman Etherington
24 March 2011

In 1970, at the age of twenty-seven, Alan Frost joined the English Department of La Trobe University. His first love had been the study of poetry, for which More

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