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July 2023, no. 455

July 2023, no. 455 Welcome to the July issue of ABR! This month ABR examines questions of politics, history, and immigration. Bain Attwood’s cover feature offers a nuanced examination of the Voice referendum from a historical perspective, drawing on the 1967 referendum on Aboriginal rights. Other major features include David Rolph on the Ben Roberts-Smith defamation case and the vindication of investigative journalism, Jack Corbett on sovereignty games in the Pacific Islands, and ABR Laureate’s fellow Ebony Nilsson on the ALP’s uneasy history with immigration. Sheila Fitzpatrick examines a new history of East Germany and Michael Hofmann reviews Anna Funder’s major repositioning of Eileen O’Shaugnessy, George Orwell’s first wife. Also in the issue, Helen Morse takes us backstage, Brenda Walker reviews a collection of essays from critic Helen Elliott, Geordie Williamson appraises a new short story collection from J.M. Coetzee, and Patrick Mullins looks at transformations in the Australian media.

Full Contents


Advances - July 2023

by Australian Book Review

Letters to the Editor - July 2023

by John Carmody, et al.

Eleven Letters to You: A memoir by Helen Elliott


Capitalism: The story behind the word by Michael Sonenscher


The Pole and Other Stories by J.M. Coetzee


The Fire and the Rose by Robyn Cadwallader


After the Rain by Aisling Smith


Where I Slept by Libby Angel


Anam by André Dao



Literary Studies

Barron Field in New South Wales: The poetics of Terra Nullius by Justin Clemens and Thomas H. Ford


Line in the Sand by Dean Yates


Spore or Seed by Caitlin Maling & Increments of the Everyday by Rose Lucas


I Have Decided to Remain Vertical by Gaylene Carbis & The Drama Student by Autumn Royal


The Power of Trees: How ancient forests can save us if we let them by Peter Wohlleben, translated by Jane Billinghurst

Gender and Sexuality

She and Her Pretty Friend by Danielle Scrimshaw

Open Page

An interview with Nick McKenzie

by Australian Book Review

Backstage with Helen Morse

by Australian Book Review