Marion Halligan: Shooting the Fox

Judith Armstrong
24 May 2011

Minds of others

Judith Armstrong


Shooting the Fox
by Marion Halligan
Allen & Unwin, $29.99 pb, 219 pp, 9781742376677


This is a book of rather brief short stories, few of which exceed a dozen pages. This leaves room for nineteen stories in a fai ... More

Malcolm Knox: The Life

Adam Rivett
24 May 2011

Green cathedrals

Adam Rivett


The Life
by Malcolm Knox
Allen & Unwin, $32.99 pb, 416 pp, 9781742372990


How would Dennis Keith – or, if we’re using the language of legends, DK – characterise it? ‘The Life was this mythic world where you c ... More

Matt Nable: Faces in the Clouds

Angela Meyer
24 May 2011

Double trouble

Angela Meyer


Faces in the Clouds
by Matt Nable
Viking, $29.95 pb, 398 pp, 9780670073443


Faces in the Clouds begins with a drunken soldier arriving at a hospital in which his second son is fighting for brea ... More

Gail Jones: Five Bells

Felicity Plunkett
06 May 2011

five-bellsA hymn to Slessor’s famous elegy

Felicity Plunkett


Five Bells
by Gail Jones
Vintage, $29.95 pb, 224 pp, 9781864710601



Georgia Richter (ed.): The Kid on the Karaoke Stage and Other Stories

Angela Meyer
21 April 2011

‘Moments of realisation’

Angela Meyer


The Kid on the Karaoke Stage and Other Stories
edited by Georgia Richter
Fremantle Press, $27.95 pb, 272 pp, 9781921696831


While the stories in The Kid on the Karaoke Stage vary thematically, they ... More

B. Michael Radburn: The Crossing

Shaun Prescott
21 April 2011

Tasmanian mystery of mixed success

Shaun Prescott


The Crossing
by B. Michael Radburn
Pantera Press, $29.99 pb, 324 pp, 9780980741872


Set in an imminent Tasmanian ghost town, B. Michael Radburn’s first novel departs from his previous work as a hor ... More

Amy Baillieu reviews 'Paris Dreaming' by Anita Heiss

Amy Baillieu
24 March 2011

Having been ‘completely screwed over by men’, Libby Cutmore is on a self-imposed and inevitably short-lived ‘man-fast’. Although she loves her job at the (fictional) National Aboriginal Gallery in Canberra, memories of New York adventures with her friend Lauren (Manhattan Dreaming, 2010), and Libby’s own sense of exclusion now that her two closest ... More

Brenda Niall reviews 'Blue Skies'

Brenda Niall
24 March 2011

With its witty cover, showing an overturned pram, Blue Skies places itself in the era of The Female Eunuch (1971) and adds a Gothic horror touch. Written by expatriate Australian author Helen Hodgman, and published to critical acclaim and literary awards in London in 1976, Blue Skies has been rediscovered by Text Publishing’s enterprisin ... More

Elisabeth Holdsworth: Those Who Come After

Sue Ebury
23 March 2011

A first novel on ‘those who come after’

Sue Ebury


Those Who Come after
by Elisabeth Holdsworth
Picador, $29.95 hb, 343 pp, 9781405040501

Wirklich, ich lebe in finsteren Zeiten.
(Truly, I live in dark times.)

When her mo ... More

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