Don Anderson reviews 'Hergesheimer Hangs In'

Don Anderson
25 October 2011
‘A writer is writing even when he’s not writing, maybe even more then, even if he never writes again.
Got it?
Class dismissed.’
(Morris Lurie, ‘On Not Writing’, in Hergesheimer Hangs In)

In Wild & Woolley: A Publishing Memoir (2011), Michael Wilding recalls: ‘Morris Lurie sent us a collect ... More

Jessica Au: Cargo

Romy Ash
25 October 2011

Beyond youth

Romy Ash


by Jessica Au
Picador, $22.99 pb, 224 pp, 9781405040280


Jessica Au’s first novel, Cargo, is an arresting look at what it means to be young.

Au moves her story beyond the category of Y ... More

Subhash Jaireth: To Silence

Claudia Hyles
25 October 2011

Elusive memory, silent death

Claudia Hyles


To Silence
by Subhash Jaireth
Puncher & Wattmann, $24 pb, 111 pp, 9781921450426


The voices of Subhash Jaireth’s three fictional autobiographies within To Silence are those of historical figu ... More

Lili Wilkinson: A Pocketful of Eyes

Bec Kavanagh
21 October 2011

The best kind of character

Bec Kavanagh


A Pocketful of Eyes
by Lili Wilkinson
Allen & Unwin, $17.99 pb, 311 pp, 9781742376196



Beatrice May Ross (Bee) is a list-maker, an amateur detective, a taxidermy assistant, and a regular tee ... More

Belinda Jeffrey: Big River Little Fish

Thuy On
07 October 2011

'Swimming with your mouth'

Thuy On


Big River Little Fish
by Belinda Jeffrey
University of Queensland Press
$19.95 pb, 268 pp, 9780702238505


The birth of Tom Downs on the banks of the Murray River in South Australia tragically coincided with the ... More

Morag Fraser reviews 'Autumn Laing'

Morag Fraser
27 September 2011

Not since Marguerite Yourcenar’s classic Memoirs of Hadrian (1951) have I encountered a novel of such bravura intensity and insight into the jagged contours of the human heart.

Autumn Laing opens with a mercurial soliloquy. Over eighteen shimmering pages, the novel’s eponymous heroine draws scarcely a breath as, in a soul-scouring torre ... More

Anna Funder: All That I Am

Jo Case
27 September 2011

Bearing witness

Jo Case


All That I Am
by Anna Funder
Hamish Hamilton, $29.95 pb, 384 pp, 9781926428338


The heroine of All That I Am reflects that an author’s published books ‘preserve the fossil imprint on the world of that particular ... More

Sophie Cunningham reviews 'Sarah Thornhill' by Kate Grenville

Sophie Cunningham
27 September 2011

Sarah Thornhill is the third book in Kate Grenville’s loose trilogy depicting life in the early days after Australia’s settlement. Like the previous novels, The Secret River (2005) and The Lieutenant (2008), Sarah Thornhill fictionalises actual stories of settlement. In the process, Grenville transforms our history into someth ... More

Elliot Perlman: The Street Sweeper

Don Anderson
27 September 2011

Elliot Perlman bears witness to history

Don Anderson


The Street Sweeper
by Elliot Perlman
Vintage, $32.95 pb, 554 pp, 9781741666175


In 2003, the year in which Elliot Perlman’s previous novel Seven Types of Ambiguity was published, the em ... More

Natsume Soseki: Kokoro

Barry Hill
27 September 2011

Missing maestros

Barry Hill


by Natsume Soseki, translated by Meredith McKinney
Penguin, $9.95 pb, 237 pp, 9780143106036


Australia is supposed to have a knowing relationship with East Asia, but the embarrassing truth we keep under wraps is th ... More

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