Amy Baillieu reviews 'Love, Honour & O'Brien' by Jennifer Rowe

Amy Baillieu
29 June 2011

When Holly Love heads to the Blue Mountains to marry her fiancé, Andrew McNish, after a quick romance, she doesn’t expect to end the day penniless, homeless, jobless, and jilted. After she takes refuge in Andrew’s empty office with her few remaining possessions and a bottle of Moët, Holly’s shock is replaced by a determination to find and confront him. She h ... More

Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis: The Lace Tablecloth

Carol Middleton
29 June 2011

Macedonian migration

Carol Middleton


The Lace Tablecloth
by Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis
Sid Harta, $24.95 pb, 358 pp, 1921829389


The Lace Tablecloth is the second novel by Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis, who was born in Macedonia in 1935. It is ... More

Victor Hugo and the glory of narrative

Brian Nelson
29 June 2011

For many of his contemporaries, Victor Hugo (1802–85) was the most important literary figure of the nineteenth century. He was considered the greatest French poet; he became the leader of the Romantic movement with the staging of his anti-classical play Hernani (1830); and he wrote monumental, hugely popular novels. He was also an iconic political figure. ... More

Steve Holden: Somebody to Love

Lorelei Vashti
10 June 2011

Somebody-to-LovePush me pull me

Lorelei Vashti


Somebody to Love
by Steve Holden
University of Queensland Press, $24.95 pb, 174 pp, 9780702238574



Kirstyn McDermott: Madigan Mine

Benjamin Chandler
08 June 2011

MadiganDangerous love

Benjamin Chandler


Madigan Mine
by Kirstyn McDermott
Picador, $32.99 pb, 378 pp, 9780330425711


Madigan Min ... More

Patrick Allington questions ‘What is Australia, anyway?’

Patrick Allington
24 May 2011
‘Arran Avenue, Hamilton, Brisbane, Australia ... Why Australia? What is Australia, anyway?’ 
(Dante, in David Malouf’s Johnno)

Some footy talk before the book chat: I saw Wayne Carey play once, in Adelaide. He was a puppeteer that day. You would have needed a panoramic view – television doesn’t capture ... More

Geraldine Brooks: Caleb's Crossing

Sophie Cunningham
24 May 2011

Geraldine Brooks’s new novel

Sophie Cunningham


Caleb’s Crossing
by Geraldine Brooks
Fourth Estate, $32.99 pb, 369 pp, 9780732289225


Geraldine Brooks has an extraordinary radar for a good story, a curiosity that has carried her, and her readers, ... More

Goldie Goldbloom: You Lose These + Other Stories

Chris Flynn
24 May 2011

A rich mosaic proves innovative

Chris Flynn


You Lose These + Other Stories
by Goldie Goldbloom
Fremantle Press, $27.95 pb, 240 pp, 9781921696879


A native of Western Australia, Goldie Goldbloom now resides in Chicago with her eigh ... More

Marion Halligan: Shooting the Fox

Judith Armstrong
24 May 2011

Minds of others

Judith Armstrong


Shooting the Fox
by Marion Halligan
Allen & Unwin, $29.99 pb, 219 pp, 9781742376677


This is a book of rather brief short stories, few of which exceed a dozen pages. This leaves room for nineteen stories in a fai ... More

Malcolm Knox: The Life

Adam Rivett
24 May 2011

Green cathedrals

Adam Rivett


The Life
by Malcolm Knox
Allen & Unwin, $32.99 pb, 416 pp, 9781742372990


How would Dennis Keith – or, if we’re using the language of legends, DK – characterise it? ‘The Life was this mythic world where you c ... More

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