Melanie Joosten: Berlin Syndrome

Adam Gall
23 August 2011

Tough love

Adam Gall


Berlin Syndrome
by Melanie Joosten
Scribe, $29.95 pb, 248 pp, 9781921844140


Melanie Joosten’s first novel, Berlin Syndrome,is a compelling literary thriller. Clare, an Australian travelling alone in Europe, meets a c ... More

Jan Gross: Jam Dreaming

Joy Lawn
23 August 2011

Unrealised dreams

Joy Lawn


Jam Dreaming
by Jan Gross
Sid Harta Publishers, $24.95 pb, 382 pp, 9781921829581


The premise of Jam Dreaming is worthwhile; three cultures and generations meet over food. Eileen is an Aboriginal girl who lives in ... More

Christopher Kremmer: The Chase

Don Anderson
23 August 2011

Tale of the turf

Don Anderson


The Chase
by Christopher Kremmer
Picador, $32.99 pb, 400 pp, 9781405039932


Australians are suckers for a day at the races, and may be suckers for novels and poems about a day at the races. Consider Gerald Murnane’s m ... More

Leah Swann: Bearings

Tim Brewer
29 June 2011

The maze within

Tim Brewer


by Leah Swann
Affirm Press, $24.95 pb, 198 pp, 9780980790429


Leah Swann’s first fiction publication comprises a novella and seven short stories, all dealing with themes relating to the book’s title, Bearings. Each short story pr ... More

Brenda Niall reviews 'A Man of Parts: A Novel'

Brenda Niall
29 June 2011

Nearly seven years ago, David Lodge had the bad luck to collide with Colm Tóibín when both writers produced a novel about Henry James. Tóibín was the first to publish; his work The Master (2004) won high praise and a Booker Prize nomination. Lodge’s Author, Author (2004), trailing six months behind, suffered in the inevitable comparisons. The ... More

Mette Jakobsen: The Vanishing Act

Christine Piper
29 June 2011

Island philosophy

Christine Piper


The Vanishing Act
by Mette Jakobsen
Text Publishing, $23.95 pb, 240 pp, 9781921758195


The début novel from Danish-born, Australia-based author Mette Jakobsen resembles a riddle: a tiny island in the middle of the ... More

Amy Baillieu reviews 'Love, Honour & O'Brien' by Jennifer Rowe

Amy Baillieu
29 June 2011

When Holly Love heads to the Blue Mountains to marry her fiancé, Andrew McNish, after a quick romance, she doesn’t expect to end the day penniless, homeless, jobless, and jilted. After she takes refuge in Andrew’s empty office with her few remaining possessions and a bottle of Moët, Holly’s shock is replaced by a determination to find and confront him. She h ... More

Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis: The Lace Tablecloth

Carol Middleton
29 June 2011

Macedonian migration

Carol Middleton


The Lace Tablecloth
by Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis
Sid Harta, $24.95 pb, 358 pp, 1921829389


The Lace Tablecloth is the second novel by Anastasia Gessa-Liveriadis, who was born in Macedonia in 1935. It is ... More

Victor Hugo and the glory of narrative

Brian Nelson
29 June 2011

For many of his contemporaries, Victor Hugo (1802–85) was the most important literary figure of the nineteenth century. He was considered the greatest French poet; he became the leader of the Romantic movement with the staging of his anti-classical play Hernani (1830); and he wrote monumental, hugely popular novels. He was also an iconic political figure. ... More

Steve Holden: Somebody to Love

Lorelei Vashti
10 June 2011

Somebody-to-LovePush me pull me

Lorelei Vashti


Somebody to Love
by Steve Holden
University of Queensland Press, $24.95 pb, 174 pp, 9780702238574



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