Sarah Holland-Batt reviews 'The Children’s House' by Alice Nelson

Sarah Holland-Batt
25 September 2018

What are the limits of maternal love? How do children fare in its absence? Is mothering a socialised behaviour or a biological impulse? These are the questions Alice Nelson pursues in her More

Brenda Walker reviews 'The Year of the Farmer' by Rosalie Ham

Brenda Walker
25 September 2018

‘In time and with water, everything changes,’ according to Leonardo da Vinci, who worked with Machiavelli on a strategic and ultimately doomed attempt to channel the flow of t More

Jane Sullivan reviews 'Too Much Lip' by Melissa Lucashenko

Jane Sullivan
25 September 2018

A stranger rides into a one-horse town on a shiny new motorbike. Cue Ennio Morricone music. Except it’s not a stranger, it’s that skinny dark girl Kerry Salter, back to say goodbye to More

Cassandra Atherton reviews 'Killing Commendatore' by Haruki Murakami

Cassandra Atherton
25 September 2018

There is a running joke in Japan that autumn doesn’t start each year until Haruki Murakami has lost the Nobel Prize for Literature. Most recently, in 2017, he lost to Kazuo Ishiguro, who More

Nicole Abadee reviews 'Bridge of Clay' by Markus Zusak

Nicole Abadee
25 September 2018

Most writers seek to better their previous books, but in Markus Zusak’s case this goal was particularly difficult, given that his last book was The Book Thief. Published in 2005 More

Jack Rowland reviews 'The Second Cure' by Margaret Morgan

Jack Rowland
25 September 2018

A plague with myriad weird effects spreads throughout the world in Margaret Morgan’s début, a speculative political thriller. The disease’s name is toxoplasmosis pestisMore

David Dick reviews 'Satan Repentant' by Michael Aiken

David Dick
17 September 2018

It is time to repent my sins. Recently, I have been asking myself if poetry is exempt from a need to entertain. Is the act of reading a poem or a book of poetry an escapist, amusing, joyou More

Anna MacDonald reviews 'Beautiful Revolutionary' by Laura Elizabeth Woollett

Anna MacDonald
10 September 2018

Laura Elizabeth Woollett’s novel Beautiful Revolutionary chronicles the decade leading up to the Jonestown massacre in Guyana when Jim Jones, founder of the Peoples Temple, orch More

Tali Lavi reviews 'The Storyteller: Selected stories' by Serge Liberman

Tali Lavi
31 August 2018

When I look at certain images of German-born photographer Roman Vishniac, the accompanying pain is acute, for his mesmerising monochromatic portraits of Eastern European Jews before their More

Gillian Dooley reviews 'The Coves' by David Whish-Wilson

Gillian Dooley
31 August 2018

A small bay is a cove, and so is a man, according to old-fashioned slang. The Coves takes advantage of this coincidence: it’s a story about a gang of men that rules ‘Sydney Co More

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