Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'Meanjin A–Z: Fine fiction 1980 to now' edited by Jonathan Green

Francesca Sasnaitis
26 July 2018

The narrator of David Malouf’s virtuosic ‘A Traveller’s Tale’ (1982) describes Queensland’s far north as ‘a place of transformations’ and unwittingly provides us with an epig More

Suzie Gibson reviews 'Saint Antony in His Desert' by Anthony Uhlmann

Suzie Gibson
26 July 2018

With his maiden voyage into fiction, Anthony Uhlmann, a professor of English at Western Sydney University, has produced an ambitious novel that dramatises the intertwining of time and memo More

Michael Brennan reviews 'The Fireflies of Autumn: And other tales of San Ginese' by Moreno Giovannoni

Michael Brennan
26 July 2018

Moreno Giovannoni’s collection of tales – populous and baggy, earthy and engrossing – offers not a history but the lifeblood, the living memory, of a small town in northern Italy cal More

Kirsten Tranter reviews 'Kudos' by Rachel Cusk

Kirsten Tranter
25 July 2018

Kudos concludes the extraordinary trilogy that began with Outline (2014) and Transit (2016). Following the distinctive format of the first two books, KudosMore

Beejay Silcox reviews 'Warlight' by Michael Ondaatje

Beejay Silcox
25 June 2018

In a cheerless London basement, a young man sifts through the bureaucratic detritus of World War II: ‘to unearth whatever evidence might still remain of actions that history might consid More

Joachim Redner reviews 'Berlin Alexanderplatz' by Alfred Döblin, translated by Michael Hofmann

Joachim Redner
24 May 2018

Revered in Germany as one of the founders of literary modernism, the equal of Robert Musil and Thomas Mann, Alfred Döblin (1878–1957) has remained something of a mystery to English read More

Carol Middleton reviews 'The Bridge' by Enza Gandolfo

Carol Middleton
24 May 2018

‘Accidents happen.’ In the aftermath of a fatal car accident, one of two accidents that frame the narrative of The Bridge, these words are tossed up in the turbulent minds of More

Geordie Williamson reviews 'Last Stories' by William Trevor

Geordie Williamson
24 May 2018

‘In nearly all Trevor’s stories,’ wrote V.S. Pritchett almost four decades ago, ‘we are led on at first by plain unpretending words about things done to prosaic people; then comes More

Beejay Silcox reviews 'Census' by Jesse Ball

Beejay Silcox
24 May 2018

You have come to see a magic show. You arrive at the theatre, take your seat. Before the show begins, the magician steps onstage in his street clothes and explains what you are about to se More

Fiona Wright reviews 'Bohemia Beach' by Justine Ettler

Fiona Wright
24 May 2018

Bohemia Beach is a highly anticipated novel – the first work by Justine Ettler in twenty years. In many ways, it is a continuation of her oeuvre: a fast-paced, almost madcap tal More

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