Alison StievenTaylor

Juno Gemes: The Quiet Activist, A Survey Exhibition 1979–2019

Alison Stieven-Taylor
15 May 2019

In some ways, the title of this forty-year survey is at odds with Juno Gemes herself. There is nothing quiet about Gemes’s vision More

Ballenesque, Roger Ballen: A Retrospective (GAGProjects/Adelaide Festival)

Alison Stieven-Taylor
05 March 2019

Roger Ballen’s art is not for the faint hearted; it is confronting, haunting, and at times repellent. More

Alison Stieven-Taylor reviews Visualising Human Rights edited by Jane Lydon

Alison Stieven-Taylor
22 February 2019

How do you visually portray a concept like human rights? Much of the scholarship around this question focuses on the idea that to understand what human rights might look like, we have to v More

David Goldblatt: Photographs 1948–2018 (Museum of Contemporary Art)

Alison Stieven-Taylor
13 November 2018

Perhaps the best way to influence the thoughts of another is to do so without intent. South African photographer David Goldblatt once said he did not believe that ‘any photograph of mine More