Stuart Kells

David McInnis reviews 'Shakespeare’s Library: Unlocking the Greatest Mystery in Literature' by Stuart Kells

David McInnis
26 September 2018

The search for Shakespeare’s library (the books ostensibly owned by Shakespeare but dispersed without a trace after his death) is driven largely by the hope that marginalia, notes, and d More

Rémy Davison reviews 'The Big Four: The curious past and perilous future of the global accounting monopoly' by Ian D. Gow and Stuart Kells

Rémy Davison
24 May 2018

What’s an accountant’s favourite book? 50 Shades of Grey. But in a world of transfer pricing and Special Purpose Entities, suddenly accounting isn’t funny anymore. A 1976 Co More

2017 Publisher Picks

Madonna Duffy et al
21 December 2017

To complement our 2017 ‘Books of the Year’, we invited several senior publishers to nominate their favourite books – all published by other companies.