Melissa Lucashenko

Jane Sullivan reviews 'Too Much Lip' by Melissa Lucashenko

Jane Sullivan
25 September 2018

A stranger rides into a one-horse town on a shiny new motorbike. Cue Ennio Morricone music. Except it’s not a stranger, it’s that skinny dark girl Kerry Salter, back to say goodbye to More

Tony Birch reviews 'Mullumbimby' by Melissa Lucashenko

Tony Birch
28 April 2013

Mullumbimby is a humorous, heartfelt, occasionally abrasive and brave work by a writer with an acute ear for language, an eye for subtle beauty, and a nose honed to sniff bullshit at a thousand paces. A sculptural work, produced by the author and photographed for the cover of the novel, is a bird’s nest, crafted from twigs, various grasse ... More