Tracy Ryan

Geoff Page reviews 'The Fremantle Press Anthology of Western Australian Poetry' by John Kinsella and Tracy Ryan (eds)

Geoff Page
30 March 2017

The need for this book is self-evident in a way that a similarly historical anthology for New South Wales or Victorian poetry would not be. From many perspectives, Perth is one of the most remote cities in the world and there is no doubt that the state’s uniqueness is captured in this extensive, though tightly edited, selection. Despite its comparable treatment of ... More

'Smartraveller' by Tracy Ryan

Tracy Ryan
24 August 2016

Just knowing those colours makes it safer
already and how they'll change anyway by the time
you, thirteen now, are old enough for elsewhere: ...


Tracy Ryan: 'Nuptial Bog'

Tracy Ryan
18 December 2014
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Tracy Ryan is Poet of the Month

15 December 2014

Which poets have most influenced you?

Shakespeare, Donne, Emily Brontë, Dickinson, Hopkins, Hardy, Rilke, Dylan Thomas, Roethke, Plath, Hughes, Heaney, Judith Wright.

Are poems ‘inspired’ or mainly the work of craft?

Both. Craft alone might produce what is called verse, but without an inspired ... More

Lost Property

Tracy Ryan
21 November 2014

To be alone in the wide room
in the house’s crooked elbow, turning point
for extensions as the family grew
and grew – and grew – to be alone in the one room
nobody needed now, though it might be resumed
like land, for guests or blow-ins, at any moment,
without notice (and that was part of
the appeal, the very tenuous feel of the place) to play the ... More

Tracy Ryan: 'Carousel'

Tracy Ryan
26 June 2013
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