August 2014, no. 363

August 2014, no. 363

Welcome to our August issue – packed with good reading: reviews, commentary, new poetry, arts commentary. Few recent books have achieved such renown and influence as Thomas Piketty’s ‘Capital in the Twenty-first Century’; Mark Triffitt reviews it for us. We have reviews of new fiction by Gerald Murnane and Lorrie Moore; and biographies of Don Dunstan, George Herbert and Wilhelm II. Kevin Rabalais writes about ‘My Brother Jack’ on its fiftieth birthday. Finally, among our poets this month is soon-to-be-visiting UK poet Simon Armitage.

A Million Windows by Gerald Murnane

Kicking the Kremlin by Marc Bennetts & Putin and the Oligarch by Richard Sakwa

Jacks and Jokers by Matthew Condon

The Wonders by Paddy O’Reilly

Bark by Lorrie Moore

Menzies at War by Anne Henderson

The Yellow Papers by Dominique Wilson

Behind the Doors: An Art History from Yuendumu by Philip Jones with Warlukurlangu Artists

FORBIDDEN MUSIC: by Michael Haas & HOLLYWOOD AND HITLER by Thomas Doherty

Devadatta’s Poems by Judith Beveridge

Stone Postcard by Paul Magee

Radiance by Andy Kissane

Claustrophobia by Tracy Ryan

The Return by Silvia Kwon

Wild Things by Brigid Delaney

Granta 127: Japan edited by Yuka Igarashi et al.

I Have a Dog by Charlotte Lance & Imagine a City by Elise Hurst