June-July 2017, issue no. 392

Chris Flynn reviews 'Inexperience and other stories' by Anthony Macris

Chris Flynn

Given the Australian propensity for travel, it is odd that the global wanderings of our citizens are not much explored in literary fiction, which is still in the anguished throes of self-examination, arguably stuck in a loop. How refreshing, then, to read Anthony Macris’s fourth book, Inexperience and Other Stories, a short volume which drops the reader i ... More

Kevin Rabalais reviews 'Moonglow' by Michael Chabon

Kevin Rabalais

‘Tell all the truth but tell it slant,’ wrote Emily Dickinson. In Moonglow, his latest novel, Michael Chabon follows Dickinson’s directive. This shape-shifting novel masquerades at times as a memoir and at others as a biography of the author’s grandmother and, more frequently, of his grandfather. At the centre of this family saga that takes us throu ... More

Fiona Hile reviews 'Letter to Pessoa & Other Short Fictions' by Michelle Cahill

Fiona Hile

You can tell a lot about a piece of writing from how it begins. For American poet Billy Collins, ‘the first line is the DNA of the poem’. With novels, as J.M. Coetzee writes ...


Jane Sullivan reviews 'The Dark Flood Rises' by Margaret Drabble

Jane Sullivan

I’ve been reading Margaret Drabble’s novels with great pleasure for most of my life, and we’ve all been getting on a bit: Drabble, me, her readers, her characters. So I suppose ...


James McNamara reviews 'The Sellout' by Paul Beatty

James McNamara

The morning after the US election, Los Angeles was still. Usually a roar of noise, my city was stunned silent. As I spoke with distraught friends and colleagues, the fact that ...


Sonia Nair reviews 'Black British: A novel' by Hebe de Souza

Sonia Nair

Set against the milieu of India’s recent emancipation from British rule and the indelible scars left by the country’s 1947 partition with Pakistan, Black British subverts the More

Francesca Sasnaitis reviews 'On the Blue Train' by Kristel Thornell

Francesca Sasnaitis

On the Blue Train is Kristel Thornell’s reimagining of Agatha Christie’s mysterious disappearance in 1926. Thornell might have let her imagination fly, given that both Dorothy More

Dilan Gunawardana reviews 'Wood Green' by Sean Rabin

Dilan Gunawardana

The cover of Sean Rabin’s first novel, Wood Green, depicts a foggy eucalypt forest at dawn (or dusk), and a ghostly figure in the glow of torchlight. With the added ele More

Alex Cothren reviews 'The Windy Season' by Sam Carmody

Alex Cothren

Boat, pub, boat, pub, boat, pub: in the fictitious Western Australian fishing town of Stark, residents divide their days between these two brutally masculine locales, and ...


Ann-Marie Priest reviews 'Resolution' by A.N. Wilson

Ann-Marie Priest

Resolution is the loosely fictionalised story of Captain Cook’s second voyage, begun in 1772, in search of the mythological Great Southern Continent. Told through the eyes of .. More

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