States of Poetry ACT - Series Three

Series Three of the ACT States of Poetry anthology is edited by Jen Webb and features poetry by Paul Collis, Lesley Lebkowicz, Miranda Lello, Paul Munden, Mark O'Connor, and Anita Patel. Read Jen Webb's introduction to the anthology here.

States of Poetry ACT - Series Three

State Editor's Introduction by Jen Webb

Jen Webb

Well, I have now reached the end of the States of Poetry (ACT) mini-anthologies, accompanied by delight and privilege in having been able to showcase something of the poetry where I live, as well as regrets that I couldn’t include a lot more poets. Eighteen out of more than fifty (at a conservative count) ...

About Paul Collis

A Barkindji man, born by the Darling River in Bourke, far north-west New South Wales, Paul is an emerging writer and poet, who works at the University of Canberra, teaching creative writing. Paul holds a PhD in cultural theory and creative writing. Dancing Home, his first novel, won the national 2016 ...

'More than just a pin-prick' by Paul Collis

Paul Collis

I’d become …
just a public pain.
Did I make you, just a little
… sick?
Make me your vampire, then –
your time.
Take my neck.
Dig deep with kisses.
Let’s feel the swirl of blood.
A country boy on Country is a power difference-making ...
S ...

'Cult-charr Jammer' by Paul Collis

Paul Collis


Whitefullas got no cult-charr!
– Only me
With my arm fulla tatts, up my sleeve.

– Only Us Mob!
Only us
Got cult-charr.

Don’t tell me! I lived it, man. Us bruvas, we live it –
Everyday man. We fuken live it.
Blak and Proud. ...

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