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Open Page with Chris Masters

Australian Book Review
27 December 2017

Why do you write?I figure that with practice I might improve. Even if I don’t, I will persist. If in an entire book there is one sentence that works, I see it as proof of growth. Sometim More

Open Page with Roger McDonald

Australian Book Review
30 October 2017

Why do you write? Through a love of words. Are you a vivid dreamer? Awfully, but I was warned early not to put dreams in novels, at least nothing longer than half a line ...


Open Page with Josephine Wilson

Australian Book Review
22 September 2017

Australian Book Review spoke to Josephine Wilson, whose second novel, Extinctions (UWA Publishing, 2016) won the 2017 Miles Franklin Literary Award after winning the inaugural Dor More

Open Page with Gregory Day

Australian Book Review
26 July 2017

Why do you write? Because I get enjoyment out of it, and so do other people.


Open Page with Louis Nowra

Australian Book Review
30 April 2017

Why do you write? If I knew the answer to that I probably wouldn’t write. Are you a vivid dreamer? I know I dream, but all I remember are my nightmares. Where are you happiest? Weekends More

Open Page with Ashley Hay

Australian Book Review
30 March 2017

Why do you write? It’s a hopeful or optimistic thing, I think, to try to catch bits of life, large or small, and explore them, understand them, then offer them up to readers who might also connect with them or for w More

Open Page with Kim Mahood

Australian Book Review
21 December 2016

Why do you write? To work out what I think, which requires digging through the received ideas and lazy generalisations that clutter the surface of my mind, and crafting the language ...


Open page with Peter Singer

Australian Book Review
30 November 2016

Why do you write? Because I have something to say – and not just to one person, but to as many people as I can reach. And when the writing goes well, I enjoy doing it ...


Open Page with Fiona Wright

Australian Book Review
24 August 2016

Why do you write? I've realised in recent years that without my writing I don't quite feel like a whole person. It brings me joy – I constantly feel grateful that I'm able to work at something ...


Open Page with Tom Griffiths

Australian Book Review
26 July 2016


I'm compelled to do it, as a way of understanding and deepening experience. And (mostly) it's fun!


When I invited a novelist to talk to my history students, she told them to stay in bed in the morning and distil the insights of their dreams. I try to use the subconscious creatively by giving mys ... More

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