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Open Page with Anne Summers

Australian Book Review
27 November 2018
What is your favourite book?

Our reading needs change, and the books we revisit constantly grow in number, but if I must choose, I will nominate Kate Millett’s Sexual Politics (1970) for t More

Open Page with Gideon Haigh

Australian Book Review
26 October 2018

Why do you write?

Because you have to do something, and I’m no great shakes at anything else.


Open Page with Rose Tremain

27 July 2018

ABR: Name an early literary idol or influence whom you no longer admire – or vice versa.

RT: Lawrence Durrell. At fifteen, I loved his prose so much, I wanted to eat the book; now I want to chuck al More

Open Page with Kristina Olsson

Australian Book Review
26 September 2018

Why do you write?

It’s always about a question; the book is my attempt at answering it. The learning curve is what lures me to the desk each day.


Open Page with Ryan O'Neill

Australian Book Review
27 June 2018

ABR: 'What, if anything, impedes your writing?'
RO: 'The act of writing impedes my writing. The books I write in my head are perfect. Unfortunately, translating them onto the page ruins them.'


Open Page with Justine Ettler

Australian Book Review
26 April 2018

ABR: Why do you write? JE: Because I love doing it and because at times I’ve been changed for the better as a result of reading great novels. Bohemia Beach is about a successful woman who is also an alcohol More

Open Page with Sarah Sentilles

Australian Book Review
27 March 2018

ABR: Why do you write? SS: I write to make sense of the world – or at least to ask better questions – and because words are powerful, transformative tools that can help b More

Open Page with Chris Masters

Australian Book Review
27 December 2017

Why do you write?I figure that with practice I might improve. Even if I don’t, I will persist. If in an entire book there is one sentence that works, I see it as proof of growth. Sometim More

Open Page with Roger McDonald

Australian Book Review
30 October 2017

Why do you write? Through a love of words. Are you a vivid dreamer? Awfully, but I was warned early not to put dreams in novels, at least nothing longer than half a line ...


Open Page with Josephine Wilson

Australian Book Review
22 September 2017

Australian Book Review spoke to Josephine Wilson, whose second novel, Extinctions (UWA Publishing, 2016) won the 2017 Miles Franklin Literary Award after winning the inaugural Dor More

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