Graham Oppy reviews 'A Frightening Love'

Graham Oppy
27 August 2013

The main aim of this book, which is written by a philosopher for other philosophers, is to take them to task for their failings. As Andrew Gleeson writes in his preface, ‘overall the book is a case study in the dissociation of a certain way of doing philosophy from its subject matter’.

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Jay Daniel Thompson on 'Philosophy in the Garden'

Jay Daniel Thompson
27 August 2013

P hilosophy in the Garden is the latest book from philosopher and social commentator Damon Young. The text contributes to existing studies of the cultural and personal significance held by gardens. Young begins by noting that gardens ‘can console, calm and uplift’, as well as ‘discomfit and provoke’. This range of responses adds to ... More

Janna Thompson reviews 'European Aesthetics'

Janna Thompson
28 April 2013

It is possible to imagine a culture that treats art merely as decoration, but to inheritors of the European tradition this idea of art’s function is demeaning. We expect great art to express or reflect the spiritual and philosophical preoccupations of our cultural heritage. No system-building philosopher in modern European history would have failed to incorporate ... More

Frank Jackson reviews 'Introspection and Consciousness' by Declan Smithies and Daniel Stoljar

Frank Jackson
08 March 2013

I have beliefs about what you believe. I also have beliefs about what I myself believe. The big difference between the two cases is how I come by these beliefs. By and large, my beliefs about what you believe come from observations of your behaviour (understood in a wide sense, which includes the environment in which your behaviour is located). Here are ... More

Craig Taylor reviews 'The Antipodean Philosopher, Volume 2'

Craig Taylor
27 November 2012

This volume, which complements a collection of public lectures by Australian and New Zealand Philosophers, comprises separate interviews with fourteen prominent Australasian philosophers. Many general readers will be unfamiliar with the interviewees, the exception being Peter Singer, whose international reputation transcends academic philosophy. However, the subject ... More

Glyn Davis reviews 'The Making of Modern Liberalism'

Glyn Davis
24 October 2012

In a famous essay on poetry, English philosopher Michael Oakeshott evoked the metaphor of conversation to describe how people share and discuss ideas. A conversation, suggested Oakeshott, allows a continuous discussion between past and present, between the thought of earlier generations and the pressing needs of the present. A conversation is not a search for truth ... More

George Levine: The Joy of Secularism

Tamas Pataki
24 November 2011

The limits of enchantment

Tamas Pataki


The Joy of Secularism: 11 Essays for How We Live Now
edited by George Levine
Princeton University Press (Footprint Books), $46.95 hb, 272 pp, 9780691149103


The war of religion currently being fought with fusil ... More

Graham Oppy et al. (eds): A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand

Adrian Walsh
08 June 2011

Canon members

Adrian Walsh


A Companion to Philosophy in Australia and New Zealand
edited by Graham Oppy et al.
Monash University Publishing, $59.95 pb, 734 pp, 9780980651201



Early in Murray Bail’s novel The Pages (2008), w ... More

Julian Young: Friedrich Nietzsche

Jack Reynolds
24 March 2011

Übermensch for all seasons

Jack Reynolds


Friedrich Nietzsche: A Philosophical Biography
by Julian Young
Cambridge University Press, $100 hb, 676 pp, 9780521871174


If any book market is nearing saturation, it must be the Nietzsche one, yet new tit ... More

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