David Brophy reviews 'Silent Invasion: China’s Influence in Australia' by Clive Hamilton

David Brophy
26 February 2018

Lawyers, media organisations, human rights NGOs, and unions have been lining up recently to warn us of a serious threat facing civil liberties in Australia. It comes in the form of Malcolm More

David Brophy reviews 'Without America: Australia in the New Asia' (Quarterly Essay 68) by Hugh White

David Brophy
21 February 2018

For upward of a decade, Hugh White has been sounding a warning: that Australia’s long-standing policy of relying on the United States as guarantor of our security in Asia was approaching More

Andres Rodriguez reviews 'Out of China: How the Chinese ended the era of Western domination' by Robert Bickers

Andres Rodriguez
08 December 2017

Anger and indignation seem to dominate headlines around the world these days. Angry citizens are found in every corner rallying against social injustice and global warming. Angry politicia More

Nicholas Jose reviews 'A New Literary History of Modern China' edited by David Der-Wei Wang

Nicholas Jose
30 November 2017

In his searching introduction to this immense volume, the editor, Harvard scholar David Der-Wei Wang, refers to the ‘architectonics of temporalities’ by which the project re-maps and r More

David Brophy reviews 'The Souls of China: The return of religion after Mao' by Ian Johnson

David Brophy
23 November 2017

In 1989, as the Chinese Communist Party came to terms with the ongoing significance of religion in post-Mao China, they needed a new formula to explain its survival. Religion was, they sai More

Nick Hordern reviews 'The New Emperors' by Kerry Brown

Nicholas Hordern
31 October 2014

For countries, and none so important to Australia, have a political system as opaque as that of China. This is deliberate; since the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution, the Communist Party of China (CPC) has striven to make turnovers in its leadership as bland as possible. But the elevation of the country’s current ‘Fifth Generation’ Leadership was actually fu ... More